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Can you name the Survivor 1st boots?

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Borneo- Fell in 1st challenge
Australia- Wanted to make a shelter of rocks
Africa- Dehydrated in challenge,Mail lady
Marquesas- Called a froot loop. Very wacky
Thailand- You've just been pastored !
Amazon- 'You can't hunt what you can't kill'
Pearl Islands- Blue Dress, Played too hard
All Stars- Previous Winner, Still a good player
Vanuatu- Young arrogant guy
Palau- Willard was chosen over him
Guatemala- Dislocated his bicep
Exile Island- Hard Worker, Lost her son
Cook Islands- Needs a break
Fiji-Is on vacation
China- DAMN!!!
Micronesia- Infamous villain who quit
Gabon- Negative, in love with Kenny
Tocantins- Bossy, Got more airtime in RI Reunion
Samoa- Russells first victim
Heroes vs Villains- In love with Colby
Nicaragua- Nobody ever asked her age.
Redemption Island- Phillip can't say her name
South Pacific- Likes poems
One World- Broke her wrist
Philippines- 'Hopefully Ima King me'
Caramoan- First boot again !
Blood vs Water- Switched with his wife
Cagayan- Focused on the last 2/3s of game
San Juan Del Sur- Twinnie !
Worlds Apart- Dating Malcolm
Second Chance- Creepy Yoga Instructor

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