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Name the characters
1. Star of the Metroid series
2. Plumber who saves princesses in his off time
3. Hero of the Xbox, Halo
4. Blue animal that has a ring fetish
5. Yellow electric mouse
6. Savior of the galaxy, Mass Effect
7. Scary giant scuba suit guys in Bioshock
8. He hates Ganondorfs
9. Metal Gear Solid, only guy I know who can pull off an eyepatch
10. FFVII hero, spiky hair, he doesn't pull off stealth as well as MGS
11.Waka waka give him those dots
12.Angelina Jolie, Tomb Raider
13. Big muscles, bigger locust problem
14. Can be seen jumping from planes, trains or automobiles in Uncharted
15. Silent hero of Half Life. Orange suit-up
Name the characters
16. God of War
17. He used to be a regular bandicoot
18. The Captain in Modern Warfare
19. Big pink ball of fun
20. Resident Evil, Claire's brother
21. Not ultra man, not superman, but _________
22. Was a laughing stock for 10 years. _________ __________ Forever
23. Assassin's Creed II, hangs with Da Vinci
24. Princess of Hyrule
25. She is the reason #2 has a job
26. Don't call him a stupid monkey, he'll throw a barrel at you.
27. He's probably the coolest purple dragon you'll ever meet
28. This guy is a Payne in the butt
29. She's one of the S.T.A.R.S in Resident Evil
30. Constantly loses to a plumber

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