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InfoFamily Guy NounLetter
Mayor of QuahogA
Anybody in Quahog can be found golfing hereB
Hispanic Maid that often says 'Lemon Pledge'C
Bar in Quahog that Peter and his friends are often found atD
Lives in Chris's closetE
Adopted, Irish American father of PeterF
Casino with teepee shaped buildings outside of QuahogG
Attracted to Chris GriffinH
Lastname of Gloria, a lawyer appearing at Happy Go Lucky Toy Factory for Peter's crude humorI
Brian's feminine male cousinJ
Joe and Bonnie's first child, he is mainly seen in the earlier seasons and died in Iraq according to JoeK
Goldfish of Peter that he buried in large amount of fish foodL
InfoFamily Guy NounLetter
He's Jewish and a pharmacistM
Son of above man. He is geeky and likes MegN
Weather man for Channel 5 that speaks quickly for short periods of timeO
Place responsible for creating beer in Rhode Island, owner named Pat holds a contest similar to the golden tickets in Willy WonkaP
Fictional Town in Which the Show is BasedQ
Priestlike in Judaism, tried to get Chris to go through conversion to become Jewish, leads the synagogR
Sailor with wooden appendages S
News-anchor for Channel 5; maleT
One of the men in a music duo with a pianist named JohnnyV
Native American hand dryer in the men's room of #7(G)W
Quagmire probably watches these types of moviesX
Fictional bear living in Jellystone Park that Peter kills in front of his the bear's friend Boo BooY

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