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How well do you know the Nervous system, spinal cord, and vertebrae?

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What is the embryologic origin of the true back muscles?
The supraspinous ligament turns into what as you move superiorly?
The cervical and lumbar regions of the column have which type of curvature: kyphosis or lordosis
Transverse foramen are found in what type of vertebrae to allow vertebra vessels to pass through?
What is the name of the group of deepest muscles in the back?
The spinal nerve in between of T2 and T3 is what?
What space contains cerebrospinal fluid?
The strand of pia mater from conus medullaris to coccyx is called:
The bodies of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve cells reside in what part of the spinal cord?
These structures are extensions of the pia mater
True or false: schwann cells can myelinate more than one cell while oligodendrocytes can only myelinate one cell at a time?
This type of signaling is responsible for neural plate formation?
Neural crest cells will form the:
The space between two synaptic cells (post and pre synaptic cells) is called:
The spaces between points of myelination along the axon are called?
The layer outside of a nerve fascicle is called:
This system has transmitters and receptors that resemble the peripheral nervous system and will have side effects to SSRIs:
The process of forming the nervous system is called:
The nervous system arises from what germ layer?
Vesicles typically contain these types of chemicals:
What nerve transmits parasympathetic information?
True or false: the cardiac reflex includes a trip through the cranial nerves
The structure that acts as the sympathetic ganglion in the cranial region is called:
This nerve pathway typically does not synapse in sympathetic chain ganglion:
This type of neurotransmitter is released by all of the pre-ganglionic cells in the somatic, parasymp, and symp systems:
True or false: the receptors for norepinephrine and epinephrine are called muscarinic and nicotinic?
Sensory neurons travel to which horn?
The area of the disc that becomes herniated is what?
These type of cells can self renew and are the basis for the creation of the nervous system:
True or false:the sympathetic nervous system has long preganglionic axons and short postganglionic axons?

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