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What is the name of the organization of political agitators in opposition to Abdul Hamid?
What was the name of the local landowning class that the provincial officials worked with to cheat the sultan of tax money?
Which Ottoman sultan aimed to improve administrative efficiency & expand military around the early 19th century?
Which Ottoman sultan built a private army and crushed the revolution of Janissaries, destroying their power and religious allies?
During what reforms was the Western influence most pervasive in high-class Ottoman society in the 19th century?
Which Ottoman sultan attempted to bring back despotic absolutism in late 19th century?
Who was the leader who unified the quarrelsome Manchu tribes?
What were the eight armies of the Manchu tribes which were unified by Nurhaci and were key in defeating the Ming emperor?
What was the name of the dynasty the Manchu established?
Wealthy merchants under the Qing Dynasty:
First Manchu emperor of the Qing Dynasty:
The war fought between the British and Qing China beginning in 1839 fought to protect British trade
Chinese official charged with stamping out opium trade in southern china and who ordered the blockade of European trading areas in Canton.
A movement in China in the late 19th century to counter the challenge from the west; led by provincial leaders
A rebellion led by Hong Xiuquan seeking to overthrow Qing Dynasty and Confucian basis of scholar gentry.
A scholar gentry official who advocated the introduction of western technologies and military reforms.
Head of the coalition of Mamluk rulers in Egypt
Won power struggle struggle in Egypt following fall of mamluks; established mastery of all Egypt by 1811
Built across Isthmus of Suez to connect Mediterranean Sea with Red sea in 1869
A Sufi belief system a promised deliverer, also name given to Muhammad Admad
Invasion of Egypt in 1798 was done by
As they advanced inland Napolean’s forces were met by tens of thousands of Cavalry bent on defending the Mamluk regime, which then ruled Egypt as a:

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