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Last beat of the measure
Distance between any two pitches
A secondary melody that accompanies a melody
Length of time
How a melody moves up and down
A symbol that represents each pitch
Distinct quality of a musical sound
The basic units of music
What organizes the basic units in music
Measures often begin with this
The loudness or softness of a musical sound
Resting places that end phrases
Weak beat in between the stronger beat
Subdivide each beat into three, rather than two, subbeats
What moves music forward in time
Melody that moves in small, connected intervals
Deliberate upsetting of the normal pattern of accents
'Many rhythms,' occurs frequently in African or jazz music
Melody that moves by leaps
Irregular numbers of beats that add up to a larger overall pattern
How the meter is marked off
The line, or tune, in music
Units that make up a melody
Music that moves without any strong sense of beat or meter
Duple, trile, and quadruple are examples
Number of vibrations per second

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