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Scrambled SongSongRelease
olof heetadr myormeMay 1982
a rife i na'tc utp utoMay 1983
uoy kolo os dogo ni voleSeptember 1983
gitrh ro onwgrJanuary 1984
t'sle lalf ot ceepis ghteroeMay 1984
eods tfro rotwh vree scors oruy nimdSeptember 1984
het irahcAugust 1985
bdoyno ni sih ghirt nimd lw'eouvd flet rehApril 1986
ti n'ita lcoo ot eb yazcr outba ouyAugust 1986
anceo rontf orpetpyrDecember 1986
lal ym xs'e ivle ni xasteApril 1987
ma i lubeAugust 1987
mofaus tlas ordws fo a olfoJanuary 1988
ybba lubeApril 1988
fi ouy nit'a voni'l (uoy i'nat vi'nli)August 1988
ab'ybs ttnoge dgoo ta goyedboDecember 1988
thaw's oingg no ni ouyr lowrdApril 1989
cea ni hte olheJuly 1989
voel owhtuti dne, mnaeApril 1990
v'ei moec ot epxtec ti ormf yuoOctober 1990
fi i onwk emMarch 1991
oyu onkw em ttebre hnat hattJune 1991
hte hicll fo na lyera afllSeptember 1991
os uchm kiel ym addJune 1992
i sorsc ym rahte September 1992
aahredtlnJanuary 1993
syea meoc, ayse ogAugust 1993
d'i keil ot veah hatt noe abckNovember 1993
Scrambled SongSongRelease
het nam ni levo thiw ouyJune 1994
eht gbi neoSeptember 1994
eald noNovember 1994
yuo nta'c kema a ethar ovle dmsoboeyDecember 1994
hccke sye ro onSeptember 1995
i nokw hes tisll sovle emDecember 1995
lube lecar kysMarch 1996
icredra wyaaJune 1996
i nac isltl kmae ychnneeeAugust 1996
neo ihntg ta a mite February 1997
ycarinrg uyro vole wiht emMay 1997
dayto ym lodrw ppdlsie wyaaAugust 1997
unord uobat aywJanuary 1998
i ujts ntaw ot ncdae ihtw ouy April 1998
urteJune 1998
ew yralle hulo'sdtn eb ngodi hsti September 1998
itrwe hist wond March 1999
het steb ayd January 2000
og no July 2000
nruSeptember 2001
vinlig nad gnilvi ellwFebruary 2002
hle'sl ealve ouy ithw a esmliSeptember 2002
i thea vyrhegetniJuly 2004
hes tel rhfelse og September 2005
vieg ti wayaJuly 2006
ti ujts moecs taunrla September 2006
i wsa dgo aotdyFebruary 2008
virer fo veolNovember 2008

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