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Album#1 HitFirst 5 Words
Strait From The Heart (1982)Nickels and dimes; Memories and
Strait From The Heart (1982)I'm finding out how hot
Right or Wrong (1983)Oh, how you sparkle and
Right or Wrong (1983)*song title*; I'll always love you; Though
Right or Wrong (1983)Pardon me, you left your
Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind (1984)Cold Fort Worth beer just
Something Special (1985)Well excuse me, but I
#7 (1986)I burn with desire each
#7 (1986)I thought you and me
Ocean Front Property (1987)If you leave me, I
Ocean Front Property (1987)*song title*; 'Cause Texas is the place
Ocean Front Property (1987)*song title*; Yes, I'm blue; It started
If You Ain't Lovin' (You Ain't Livin') (1988)I told her I wouldn't
If You Ain't Lovin' (You Ain't Livin') (1988)She looks so much like
If You Ain't Lovin' (You Ain't Livin') (1988)If you got a Cadillac
Beyond the Blue Neon (1989)What a rotten day this
Beyond the Blue Neon (1989)*title of song*; I hope that you're doing
Beyond the Blue Neon (1989)You've got to have an
Livin' It Up (1990)I got sent home from
Livin' It Up (1990)So upset; Nervous wreck; Can't
Chill of an Early Fall (1991)We both said some things
Chill of an Early Fall (1991)Baby, since you left me
Chill of an Early Fall (1991)Well, her old friend from
Holding My Own (1992)I know that I've surprised
Pure Country Soundtrack (1992)Our love is unconditional; We
Pure Country Soundtrack (1992)When you hear twin fiddles
Easy Come, Easy Go (1993)Says she's had enough of
Easy Come, Easy Go (1993)I heard somebody speak her
Easy Come, Easy Go (1993)I'm not the hero who
Lead On (1994)Without a warning, you're out
Album#1 HitFirst 5 Words
Lead On (1994)At a table for two
Lead On (1994)She said I don't recall
Strait Out of the Box (1995)It started way back in
Strait Out of the Box (1995)There's just a hint of
Blue Clear Sky (1996)You swear you had enough
Blue Clear Sky (1996)I don't take my whiskey
Blue Clear Sky (1996)Her telephone rang about a
Carrying Your Love With Me (1997)I'm not yours, and baby,
Carrying Your Love With Me (1997)Baby, all I got is
Carrying Your Love With Me (1997)We made it final today;
One Step At A Time (1998)As far as all my
One Step At A Time (1998)I don't wanna be the
One Step At A Time (1998)*song title* in this modern world when
One Step At A Time (1998)*song title* and we both know why;
Always Never The Same (1999)I never saw the end
Latest Greatest Straitest Hits (2000)We loaded up my old
George Strait (2000)I'm so sorry; I keep
The Road Less Traveled (2001)If there's a plane or
The Road Less Traveled (2001)Had a nice little life;
The Road Less Traveled (2001)At first she's gonna come
50 Number Ones (2004)He was sitting there beside
Somewhere Down In Texas (2005)He wondered how she'd take
It Just Comes Natural (2006)She was storming through the
It Just Comes Natural (2006)Sun shines; Clouds rain; Train
It Just Comes Natural (2006)I didn't have to turn
Troubador (2008)Just walked down the street
Troubador (2008)Hey, baby, won't you take
Here For A Good Time (2011)I'm not gonna lay around
Here For A Good Time (2011)Girl, you had one of
Love Is Everything (2013)July moonlight shines; Your pretty

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