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Can you name the celebrities mentioned in the lyrics of Eminem's songs?

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The Real Slim Shady (2000)Singer
My Name Is (1999)Actress
Evil Twin (2013)Public Figure
Evil Twin (2013)Public Figure
Mosh (2004)President
Role Model (1999)Rapper
The Warning (2009)Actor
The Warning (2009)Singer
Welcome to Hell (2011)Actor
Without Me (2002)Vice President
Scary Movies (1999)President
Marshall Mathers (2000)Rapper
Underground/Ken Kaniff (2009)Singer/Actress
We Made You (2009)Actress/TV Host
We Made You (2009)Actress
The Real Slim Shady (2000)Rapper
Say What You Say (2002)Producer
Quitter (2000)Singer
Bezerk (2013)Rapper
Cold Wind Blows (2010)Actor
Role Model (1999)Singer
Marshall Mathers (2000)Band
Hallie's Revenge (2003)Rapper
Just Lose It (2004)Singer
The Conspiracy (2003)Singer
Bezerk (2013)Reality Star
We Made You (2009)Reality Star
Without Me (2002)Singer
A Kiss (2011)Singer
Girls (2001)Band
We Made You (2009)Actress
We Made You (2009)Singer
Without Me (2002)Singer
Bad Guy (2013)Singer
Bezerk (2013)NBA Player
Ass Like That (2004)Actresses
We Made You (2009)Governor
Can-I-Bitch (2003)Band
Untitled (2010)NFL Player
Without Me (2002)Singer
I'm Back (2000)Actor
Medicine Ball (2009)Singer
Despicable (2010)NFL Player
We Made You (2009)Singer
A**hole (2013)Rapper
Nail in the Coffin (2002)Rapper
We Made You (2009)Actress
The Real Slim Shady (2000)Actor/Rapper
Marshall Mathers (2000)Singer
Love Game (2013)Actress
Ass Like That (2002)Puppet/Comic
Marshall Mathers (2000)Rapper
Criminal (2000)Fashion Designer
Can-I-Bitch (2003)Rapper

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