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ClueName of Canine
Jack Russell Terrier on 'Frasier'
George Jetson's dog
Flintstone's 'dog' (actually a pet dinosaur)
Original dog on 'Married... with Children'
Literary dog of Jack London
Saved Timmy from the well
Gold Rush dog of television
Adult male Dalmatian from '101 Dalmatians'
Basketball-playing Retriever
Golden Retriever from 'Homeward Bound'
Guide dog from 'Longstreet' (70s detective show)
Linda's pet dog on Sesame Street
Dog owned by the Brady family
Talking, clothes-wearing Disney dog
Non-talking, pet Disney dog
Owner of conditioned salivating dogs (okay, this one is a human)
Witness to a crime in a Tom Hanks movie
Beloved scruffy terrier star of many Disney movies
ClueName of Canine
Cur who made everyone cry when he contracts rabies
Three-headed slobbery guard dog
Tin dog companion to Doctor Who
Bulldog in Jonny Quest
The Big Red Dog
World War II Flying Ace
Shares a name with a grocery store chain
Hagrid's fearful companion
Sherlock Holmes' monster-sized dog of the Moors
First dog in space, from Russia
Obama family pet
George W. Bush's pet
Bill Clinton's pet
Bull Terrier in 'Our Gang'
Elle Woods' diminuative dog
Terrier in 'The Thin Man'
This dog went to the Emerald City

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