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Can you name the Dark-Hunter couples based on their books?

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Book TittleWho Are They?Characters Hints
Sins of the NightSoldier and French Aristocrat
In Other Worlds*Dragon and Scholar
Upon the Midnight ClearActor and Dream-Hunter
Tittle CharacterFinal Fate and Archeaologist
Night PleasuresPrince and Accountant
Bad Moon RisingKatagaria Wolf and Arcadian Bear
Dream ChaserSkotos and 1/2 Gallu Demon
Unleash the NightBusboy and Student
Night EmbraceCelt and Artist
Night PlayArcadian Wolf and Shop Owner
Dead After Dark*Katagaria Wolf and Arcadian Wolf
Dream WarriorMechanic and Dream-Hunter
Book TittleWho Are They?Characters Hints
Darkside of the MoonWere-Hunter and Reporter
Devil May CryMoon God and Kori
The Dream HunterSkotos and Archealogist
My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding* Pirate and Squire
Seize the Night General and Vampire Slayer
Kiss of the Night Viking and Student
No MercyBouncer and Amazon
Dance With the DevilSlave and Justice Nymph
Stroke of Midnight* Katagaria Panther and Arcadian Panther
RetributionGun Slinger and orphan
Fantasy LoverSex-Slave and Therapist

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