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QUIZ: Can you name the Facts about Dr Who?

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Who played the Dr between 1963 and 1966?
Who played the Dr between 1966 and 1969?
Who played the Dr between 1970 and 1974?
Who played the Dr between 1974 and 1981?
Who played the Dr between 1981 and 1984?
Who played the Dr between 1984 and 1986?
Who played the Dr between 1987 and 1989?
Who played the Dr in 1996?
Who played the Dr in 2005?
Who played the Dr between 2005 and 2010?
Who is the next Dr going to be?
What makes Matt Smith Different from the other Dr's?
Who is the Dr's companion in the new series 4?
Why is the TARDIS always a police box?
Who is the only other remaining time lord?
Who was the face of Bo originally?
What are the face of Bo's final words?
Where does Rose end up?
What is the Doctors only weapon?
What is the Drs alter ego?
What is the first episode that Donna is in?
What relation of Donna's died in the last episode of series 2?
What famous writter did the Dr meet in series 3?
What species was the time war fought between?
In series 3, Dr Yana is sending the last of the human species to which planet?
What do Daleks say when killing some one?
In which episode is the Dr and Martha sent back in time without there TARDIS?
What is Martha's last name?
What does Lazarus's experiment do?
Ine the fires of Pompeii, what laugage do the people think they are speaking when they speak english?
In series 3, how long does the Dr have to stop a spaceship going into the sun?
What year is the Idiots lantern set in?
Whos father dies in the episode 'Fathers day'?
What country do they go to in the episode 'Tooth and Claw'?
What companion does the Dr catch up with in the episode 'School Reunion'?

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