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Can you name the correct answers to all of the Level 1 physics problems??

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Mr. Gewanter is holding up a plane mirror. You look into it and see an image of yourself 5.0 m away from where you're sitting. How far are you from the mirror?
While doing drugs behind Dag's, Chloe drops her .25 kg lighter from 1.0 m off of the ground. How long does it take the lighter to reach the ground?
A group of n protons in an electric field of 20 N/C experiences a force of 8.32e-17. What is the value of n?
A .4 m wire carrying a current of 2.4 A experiences a force of 7.2 N. What is the strength of the magnetic field?
D-Bloch's personality is so incandescent that you can see him thousands of kilometers away. If you're 8100 km away from him, how long will it take the light he emits to reach you?
Mr. Gewanter sends out 12 slinky waves in 10. seconds. Each wave travels the length of the 4.0 m slinky in 1.5 seconds. What is the wavelength of each wave?
Mr. Panzer is about to hand back his tests, when his 15 cm-tall coffee mug springs a leak 4.0 cm from the bottom of the mug. What is the speed of the coffee as it leaves the mug?
The work function of a certain metal is 6.72e-19 J. What is the minimum frequency that photons fired at this metal can have in order for electrons to be emitted?
A spring with a mass of 2.0 kg and a spring constant of 30 N/m is oscillating back and forth. Find the period of the spring's oscillation.
You drop a .20 kg tennis ball 1.5 m off of the ground, and it bounces back up 1.0 m. How much energy was lost in the bounce?

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