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Can you name the expressions used by wizards in Harry Potter?

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HintTermUsed by...
A nonmagical person born to wizard parentsAll wizards
Offensive term for a Muggle-born wizardSome purebloods
Offensive term for a pureblood wizard who associates with Muggles or Muggle-borns.Some purebloods
Expression of surprise or strong emotionAll wizards
Slightly more vulgar version of the aboveHermione
Used during Harry's fifth year in reference to dropping out of schoolHogwarts students
Used to denote extremely hard workRon. Hermione finds it offensive.
Equivalent to the Muggle expression 'crying over spilt milk'Mrs. Figg
HintTermUsed by...
Equivalent to the Muggle expression 'hold your horses'Hagrid
Equivalent to the Muggle expression 'the cat's among the pigeons'Mrs. Figg
Equivalent to the Muggle expression 'fell off the back of a truck'Mrs. Figg
Equivalent to the Muggle expression 'wasn't room to swing a cat'Hagrid
Inside joke at the Ministry of Magic meaning someone is about to be sackedMinistry of Magic employees
Hagrid's favorite expression of surpriseHagrid
Another expression of surpriseLudo Bagman

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