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Year the show started
The TV station it is on
Hosted the show for 35 years
Show that he hosted for 15 years before TPIR
Is currently hosting the show
Show that he hosted for 7 years before TPIR
Color in constestants row
Color in constestants row
Color in constestants row
Color in constestants row
Number of contestants that 'come on down' each show
Prize announcer during the 90s
Prize announcer that started in 2003
Bonus for an exact bid
Number of models usually in a show
Amount won for spinning a dollar
Amount won for a green section on bonus spin
Amount won for a dollar on bonus spin
Difference of ___ or lower wins both showcases
Game where the climber can take 25 steps safely
Game where you have five keys to choose from
Game with 16 different boxes to choose from
Game with a quill pen
Game you can win three cars
Game like tic-tac-toe
Game where four items are below target price
Game like basetball
Game with a chance to win $50,000 with five chips
Game looks like a beehive
Game where each prize has one number covered
Game with building blocks
Game where one dollar buys a car
Game with 30 seconds to price two prizes
Game that uses all 10 numbers
Game where all numbers are between one and six
Game named after a shoe
Game sounds like getting your picture taken
Game you try to get five cars in three chances
Game with five colored rodents (newer game)
Game you write the price with numbers given
Game you use a Chuck Norris move
Game golfers want to play
Game you can't start again for 37 hours
Game you step on numbers for a car
Game you try to buy between $20 and $21 of items
What we're asked to control at the end of each show

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