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JokeAnswer Quote
'Have a nice flight!' '____ ____!'
Hybrid of 'take care' & 'good luck'
Commercial of adorable girl
Event for public humiliation
Plural for 'box'
Plural for 'moose'
Brian's science project
Little league baseball position
Treat at the end of the game
What coach wants to hear
Buckle up! There's a ____ ahead!
Ultimate stupid: Walking into a _____
Game for 'left leg.....broken!'
'I got six at the ____!'
9-year old paramedics cure
Whole meal in a squeeze bottle
Brians pain on the 1-10 scale
Place where you feel like a little kid
Brian's favorite breakfast food
One sleeve = One serving size
UPS needs the weight & the ____
JokeAnswer Quote
Keeps all your food cold for $600
1st class people: Bring me the head of a __
Brian's airline meal
Opening an ___ = Witch being boiled in oil
Military invention with a weak name
Person who gives the A/B test
Beware of these at parties
Caution: Transporting ____.
We speak English & ____.
Filled with food, shelter, and love
Blank inside, Encouragement, Birthday
Show that rhymes in the Kennedy household
Politicians don't know how to do this
Brian hates it when a ____ drags on.
What is built when a movie makes it big
What Brian buys in the drive-thru
The lamest crime
The worst crime
Everyone knows that ____ have a great sense of humor
Was a planet, now a big nothing

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