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Forced Order
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Taylor Swift's Shake it Off is a___ or witty way of explaining her feelings about tabloid drama.
Charli XCX heart does not have a _____ or lack of love because it sounds 'BOOM CLAP.'
Sam Smith does not like to be lonely or ____(ed) so he asks a friend to 'Stay with [him].'
Pharrell is so 'Happy' or ____ so clap along!
Lil Wayne is the modern day ____ or someone who collects money.
Sia seems to be ____ since she drinks heavily and 'Swings from the Chandelier.'
Demi Lovato is _____ or uninterested in her song 'Really Don't Care.'
Drake is ___ or thoughtful toward his girlfriend who feels uncomfortable in his 'Hold on, We're Going Home' hit.
'Rude' by Magic! states that he will ____ or impose on marriage even though the father disagrees.
J.Cole says that everything is ____. Even a 'Crooked Smile' is determined by fate.

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