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Beyonce seems___ or egotistical in her 'Flawless' hit.
Taylor Swift believes gossip is ___ in her 'Shake it Off' song.
Sam Smith loves spending time with others in his 'Stay with Me' jam.
Magic!'s 'Rude' quetions why her father is skeptical or ____ about their marriage.
Sia encourages or ____her listeners to 'pretend like tomorrow doesn't exist' by swinging from the 'Chandelier.'
You better not tell or ____ anyone his secrets in Jeremih's hit song 'Don't Tell 'Em.'
Demi Lovato's 'Really Don't Care' hit is the opposite of this vocab word.
Lil' Jon ____ (es) his listeners by compelling them to never 'turn down' in his 'Turn Down for What?' hit.
Keith Urban's 'Cop Car' has the ____ or audacity to run away from the cops.
Pharrell wants you to be 'Happy' and not ____ or dull.

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