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Iggy is experiencing heart ___ pain or mental/physical pain in her 'Black Widow' after her boyfriend stopped loving her.
Taylor Swift says to not get ____ or gloomy about drama and just 'Shake it Off'.
Sam Smith has a ____ or easily broken heart and asks you to 'Stay With Me.'
5 Seconds to Summer seems to have ____ or seemingly endless heartache and wishes to have 'Amnesia' to forget his lover.
Ariana Grande's 'Problem' is so over played that some would say it is ______ or heard everywhere.
Pharrell wants everyone to be 'Happy' or ____about life.
Lil Jon says to do the opposite of this word and to never calm down by asking, 'Turn Down for What?'
'Let it Go' from the movie Frozen does not depict this type of land but of unsuitable land.
Bae, from Pharrell's 'Come Get it Bae,' is _____ or apart of your every day language.
Meghan Trainer has a good___ or rapport with women because of her positive outlook on body image.
John Legend's 'All of Me' has been a very popular wedding song. Weddings can sometimes be ____ or long and dull.
Nicki Minaj shortens or ____ Sir Mix-A-Lot's version of Anaconda
If you listen to the unedited version of Nicki Minaj while in school, you could recieve a ____ or suspension of activity.
Becky G should ____ or dry out her 'Shower' before she sings in it. (She may fall.)
There are an abundent or ____ of stars in the sky for OneRepublic's 'Counting Stars.'

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