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Can you name the Animals of Montana from biggest to smallest?

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is the smallest thing that a human can see with there eye balls
this is a summer and winter sport and spring and fall ... you know whatever
you can get these in your house if you get rotten food
eat nuts and spit them out and make a mess and sleep in a tree all winter
can fly
they come around Easter time and they kinda look like a rat .... that was a hint just so you know
They spray really smelly gunk on your face and you cant get the stink out unless you have tomato juice or anything else
they are an animal that look nice but are evil and they go and eat your garbage and don't bother to clean it up
build houses for themselves out of wood
something you basically hunt, and there babies have spots and they like to dart onto the road in front of your car
you see them at Glacier Park
something bigger than #10
little blank blank
a good prize to shoot at
vegetarians don't eat these
cowboys ride them all threw the night
there is a restaurant in Kalispell MT near Dary Queen and it serves pizza
can be black or brown or white

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