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Can you name the Jim Rome Show Trivia?

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Can you answer these 'Jungle' questions?
What is the Jim Rome Show commonly reffered to as?
Jim's alma mater is?
Jim's crew is known as...
What is his crew named after?
Name one of Jim's nicknames...
Jim has two kids named...
Jim refers to his listeners as...
Finish Jim's quote, 'More of me and less of you is _______ ____ ____ ______'
Name one member of Rome's 'Smartest People in the Jungle
When an athlete appears in the jungle the recieve 'Jungle _______'
Kyle Brandt's job on the show is?
Name one Kyle Brandt's Nicknames...
Kyle played football at what Ivy League school?
Kyle starred on what daytime porno errrrrrr Soap Opera?
Kyle pulled a hit and run job when he went house hunting at this guy named ______'s house?
Finish Kyle's quote, 'It is great to be here at ________ ________!'
Finish Kyle's quote, 'You caught me in the middle of a ________ ________ frenzy!'
Kyle looks for this icon at every Super Bowl week on radio row?
According to J-stew, Kyle is a what?
Jason Stewart's job on the show is?
Name one of Jason Stewart's nicknames...
Jason Stewart starred with Gina Gershon in what Hollywood blockbuster?
His line in the movie was...
Who got Stew the role in Everything She Ever Wanted?
J-Stew once watched Porn in a college dorm room with how many other dudes?
Can you answer these 'Jungle' questions?
Alvin Delloro's job on the show is?
Name one of Alvin Delloro's Nicknames
Who impersonated Alvin's 'Dude, Dude, No, No'
Jim will pay for Alvin's soon to born son's college fund if he names him what?
Alvin is responsible for what on every Friday?
Alvin took over for whom as the shows button pusher?
Jim is adamant that Alvin is not a ______
The three members of Mount Textmore are...( ______,______,_______)
If your Email, Telephone call, or Text refers to anyone from Mount Textmore you will be....
How many people made up the Rex Streak?
Who started the Rex Streak?
Who is the King of the Rexes?
Who was the worst interview during the Rex Streak?
Emails are often tagged with what at the end?
Name a past member of Jim's Crew
Name the non-member of the Crew who rocks a 'wrist thingy'?
When Jim likes a caller, they get ________
When Jim doesn't like a call they get ________
Name the 4 members of the Quad Yeah (in order of appearance)
The one show each year dedicated to the best callers is...
The reigning King of Smack is...
The first ever King of Smack was...
The record holder for most Smack-Off titles belongs to...
How many Smack-Off wins did he have?
The other two multiple winners are...
Can you answer these 'Jungle' questions?
The innaugral show this year dedicated to the worst callers will be known as the...
Who inspired the Hack-Off?
The reigning King of Hack is...
Who is 'the bottle on the top shelf'
Which famous caller has a lifetime ban from the Jungle?
One of Jim's favourite songs is __________ _______ by Benny Hill
Triple U stand for...
Finish the quote, 'It's Not Ryan, It's __________'
Finish the quote, 'Gimme Back My _______'
Tiger Wood's famous response is...
Which famous emailer was recently BLOCKED!! BLOCKED!!
Mike In Chicago's handle is...
Craig in Tampa can practice law in what two US states
Who is the only Clone to host the show?
Which Clone famously has a man crush on Jim?
Who is the worst caller on the show?
Jim has invested in what Horse Racing stable?
Name one of his Horses
One of his partners is former MLB Pitcher ________ ______
Who is Jim impersonating when he says HHHHAAAAAAAAAAAA
Who coined the phrase 'Boner in sweatpants'
BOHICA stands for?
Who came over the table at Jim on Talk 2 Sports in the early 90's
Jim made a cameo appearance in what movie featuring '45'?
'Smoke Weed, Talk Bleep Like ______ _______'

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