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QUIZ: Can you name the Tough Simpsons Triva?

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Last Character to Die on the Simpsons
Character Who Bart Sold his Soul to
Who is Nelson's Favorite Crooner
What member of the Pin Pals was booted to allow Mr. Burns to join
What was Barney doing when Homer gave him first Beer
What was name of the company that tried to buy the recipie for the Flaming Moe
What did the CIA stand for when Bart sold Nuclear secrets to
Who did Bart play in the finals of thePutt Putt championship game
Who Is Marge's favorite Beatle
Where was Bart concieved
What brand of SUV does Krusty endorse
Who pdoes the voice Krusty's Rabbi father
What rock stars does Homer run over thinking they are zombies
What singer stars in Barney commercial for The Plaw King
What Political office does Homer run for What was the name of Martin's Soap Box Derby racerand win

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