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Can you name the past, present and future All-Stars that appeared in the 1995 Topps Baseball Card set?

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Positions and teams listed are as shown on the 1995 Topps baseball cards - NOT necessarily their primary position OR team for their career. Some rookie/future star cards may feature multiple All-Stars.
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Card #PlayerPos/Team
11b, CHW *
22b, PHI
3of, NYY *+
43b, BOS
5p, KCR
7p, SDP *
103b, SFG
11of, CHC
12ss, CAL
13p, TEX
152b, DET
16p, OAK
17c, MIL
20p, CLE
22p, MON
25of, SEA
30dh/1b, TOR *
35p, MIL
383b, LAD
403b, DET
45p, OAK *
46p, MON
48p, HOU
49p, CHW
50p, BAL *
553b, SEA *
56p, CIN
59p, PHI
62of, STL
65p, MIN
67ss, SFG
692b, CAL
70of, TEX
75p, HOU
76p, CLE
77of, CHW *
801b, BAL
82of, STL
85p, SDP
88p, PHI
901b, CHC
95p, CAL
100of, SFG
102ss/2b, OAK
103ss/2b, PHI
104of, CLE
1053b, HOU
108ss, MON
110ss, COL
111c, STL
1132b, CIN
1151b, KCR
120of, PHI
121p, CHC
123p, LAD
Card #PlayerPos/Team
130of/1b, FLA
133p, HOU
135dh/2b, CHW
1373b, BAL
139c, LAD
140of, COL
142c, NYY
145p, ATL *
1463b, TOR
152ss, LAD
1531b, DET
158dh/of CLE *
160c, FLA
161p, CLE
162of, HOU
1703b, NYY *
175p, ATL *
180of, LAD
183of, CAL
1852b, NYM
186p, CHW
1902b, HOU *
191p, CHW
195p, STL
196of, MON
199ss, NYY
203p, SEA *
204p, LAD
2051b, BOS
206of, COL
210p, KCR
212of, OAK
213p, TOR
214ss, CHC
215of, BOS
2201b, DET
222p, TEX
223c, NYM
228p, HOU
230ss, PIT
232dh, BAL *
235of, COL
236p, CIN
238c, NYY
240of, TOR
2423b, ATL
2502b, MIN
252p, NYM
255c, MON
257p, HOU
260of, PIT
263c, SEA
2652b/of, SDP
271p, ATL
273p, CHC
Card #PlayerPos/Team
275p, LAD
276of, KCR
280p, NYM
281ss, OAK
284c, CLE
285p, HOU
289p, BAL
290p, TOR
294p, NYY
295p, ATL *
297p, PHI
300of, TEX
301p, BOS
305p, LAD
3062b/3b, CAL
307p, DET
3093b, MIL
310of, OAK
311p, FLA
3123b, CLE *
314of, CHW
315of, MON
318p, BAL
322p, CIN
324of/1b, ATL
325p, KCR
330p, CHC
335dh, CAL
346p, BAL
347ss, STL *
350ss, CIN *
351p, PHI
3533b, KCR
3551b, ATL
360p, BOS
364p, OAK
3653b, TEX
366of, NYM
3673b/1b, MIL
3701b/dh, CLE *
3771b, SEA
380p, NYY
397of, SEA *
3991b, NYY
400of, LAD
404ss, CLE
4051b, HOU *
411of, CIN
413of/dh, NYY
414ss, ATL
417p, SFG
419of, KCR
420p, PHI
422of, MON
425p, BAL *
Card #PlayerPos/Team
426of, NYY
427of, TOR
430p, ATL
431of, SDP *
434p, DET
436p, TEX
4382b, TOR *
440of, FLA
442c, OAK
444p, CHW
445p, PIT
4461b, COL
449p, SDP
452of, MIL
455p, CAL
459p, NYM
4621b, MON
466c, LAD *
469c, TOR
4721b, OAK
474ss, DET *
475p, KCR
477c, PHI
4793b, CHW
480c, PIT
485of, NYY
491p, SFG
495p, PHI
4991b, TOR
500p, HOU
502of/3b, NYM
503of, CLE
5051b, MIL
507p, BAL
514of, TOR
5152b, PIT
5172b, COL
522c, CLE
523p, ATL
5252b, CHW
5261b, STL
528p, FLA
529p, CIN
532of, ATL
534of, MIN *
535ss, ATL *
537p, PIT
539c, COL
543c, TEX *
5443b, MIL
549p, NYY
550p, ATL
5523b, COL
554c, PHI
5562b, SFG
Card #PlayerPos/Team
5581b, TEX
559of, OAK *
560p, HOU
561p, CHW
564p, SEA
567c, ATL
568of, CIN
5721b, PHI
575p, TEX
576p, DET
577of, CLE
5813b, CIN
584of, MON
5863b, PHI
587ss, BOS
588ss, BAL *
592dh/of, CAL
593p, OAK
595c, SDP
5962b, CLE
598ss, CHW
599of, KCR
607of, KCR
609p, TOR
610of, LAD
612c, DET
613of, BAL
618p, NYY
620of, ATL
622p, MON *
626of, HOU
627of, CIN
629of, SFG
633p, CAL
640p, NYY
6513b, LAD
652p, MON
653p, NYM
655p, PIT
11T2b, CHW
18Tof, KCR
40Tp, LAD
47Tp, PIT
54T3b/2b, NYM
70Tss, NYY
73Tss/3b, MON
79Tp, MIN
89Tp, TEX
94Tp, KCR
95Tp, BOS
127Tp, PHI
135Tp, TOR
152Tp, PHI
154Tp, OAK
155Tof, FLA *

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