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Can you name the past, present and future All-Stars that appeared in the 1994 Topps Baseball Card set?

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Positions and teams listed are as shown on the 1994 Topps baseball cards - NOT necessarily their primary position OR team for their career. Several rookie/future star cards feature two or more All-Stars.
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Card #PlayerPos/Team
1c, LAD *
2of, NYY
5ss, CHW
7p, CLE
8c, NYM
101b, TOR
12p, CIN
15ss, PIT
20p, FLA
21ss, MON
22p, TEX
24p, SEA
34p, TEX *
401b, HOU *
50of, MON
55p, BOS
59c, NYY
651b, NYM *
66p, KCR
70p, SDP
74ss, OAK
75ss, DET *
80of, TEX
84of, CAL
85c, BOS
903b, CHW
91p, BAL
97p, HOU
100of, MIN *
1023b, MIL
105p, DET
107p, ATL
110p, NYY
114p, PHI
116p, SFG
118p, CHW
120p, NYY
122of, NYM
125p, HOU
127c, SDP
129p, PIT
1363b, TEX
137p, ATL
140p, BOS
142p, PHI
1433b, LAD
145of, BAL
146p, SFG
149of, CLE
150p, NYM
154c, CIN
158ss, NYY
163ss, COL
165c, TEX *
166of, ATL
170p, PHI
172of, LAD
173p, NYY
175p, BAL
Card #PlayerPos/Team
180dh, KCR *
181p, TOR
183p, CIN
188ss, OAK
1901b, DET
194c, ATL
1953b, SEA
1982b, CAL
199p, PHI
200ss, BAL *
209p, HOU
213p, SFG
214dh, CHW
215p, CHC
216of, CLE
220p, HOU
222p, SDP *
225of, MIL
230of, MON
232p, ATL
2353b, BOS
237of, TOR
2401b, SFG
241ss, LAD
243of, CHW *
245p, NYM
248of, TOR *
250ss, CIN *
256ss, FLA
259of, MON
260dh, TEX
2631b, STL
265dh, CAL
267ss, SFG
268p, LAD *
2701b, CHW *
273c, CLE
2751b, KCR
280p, MIN
2831b, MIL
284p, FLA
2853b, DET
290p, SEA *
294p, PHI
299p, CHW
3002b, CHC *
3023b, NYM
304p, TOR
3052b, HOU *
3092b, PIT
310of, MIL *
313p, DET
315p, MON
318ss, ATL
320ss, STL *
330p, CLE
334p, HOU
335of, CIN
3401b, OAK
Card #PlayerPos/Team
345p, TEX
346c, ATL
351ss, CAL
3552b, BAL
357p, KCR
3601b, CHC
362of, HOU
365p, MIN
367p, MIL
3693b, OAK
370c, FLA
372c, COL
380c, PHI
381p, CAL
400of, SEA *
4011b, PHI
4033b, KCR
404of, CAL
4102b, DET
4113b, MIL
412c, MON
413p, TEX
417p, BOS
4182b, CAL
420dh, BAL
4242b, NYM
4263b, TOR
430dh, MIN *
434p, PIT
438p, DET
440p, MON
445p, BOS
447p, PHI
4502b, CLE
452of, CHW
455p, TOR
456p, HOU
457of, CIN
460p, LAD
465p, OAK *
466of, FLA
468of, COL
469p, MON
4701b, TEX
472of, SEA
473p, STL
475p, ATL *
4763b, PHI
477p, BAL
4782b, CHW
479p, CHC
480of, CLE
481p, NYM
483p, TOR
484of, HOU
488of, DET
4901b, MIN
492p, MIL
495c, DET
Card #PlayerPos/Team
497p, MON
499p, ATL *
500dh, CHW
502of, BOS
5052b, SFG
510p, KCR
511of, TOR
515p, CHW
516p, LAD
5203b, NYY *
521p, OAK
523p, DET
5251b, COL
526p, BAL
529p, SEA
530of, STL
535p, KCR
538of, CHW
539p, NYM
540dh, TOR *
5423b, CIN
545p, LAD
546of, NYY
548c, MIL
549p, OAK
5503b, SFG
551p, FLA
5552b, MIN
5603b, FLA
5651b, ATL
572p, CHW
574of, SFG
575p, CHC
580of, HOU
589p, COL
590of, MON
592p, ATL
593ss, SEA
595dh, BOS *
598p, BAL
6001b, NYY
610c, OAK
611p, LAD
6123b, CLE *
615p, NYM
617p, ATL
619p, CIN
620of, SDP *
625p, FLA
630of, ATL
632of, STL
635of, PHI
637p, NYY
640of, LAD
644p, TEX
645of, TOR
6463b, HOU
647of, CIN
648p, SDP
Card #PlayerPos/Team
650of, PIT
6592b, SEA
6601b, STL
6622b, CHW
663ss, PHI
665p, CAL
668p, TOR
669p, PIT
670of, NYY
672of, KCR
6752b, TOR *
677p, MIN
680of, OAK
685of, TEX
686c, TOR
686c, PIT
687p, ATL *
6901b, BOS
6922b, PHI
6931b, SEA
695c, NYY
698of, CHC
700of, SFG
701p, KCR
702ss, TOR
703p, HOU
705p, CIN
708of, OAK
7122b, COL
715of, ATL *+
719c, STL
720p, BOS
723p, BAL
725of, CHC
727of, LAD
730of, NYM
732p, TOR
7332b, CIN
7353b, ATL
766p, CHW
777ss, ATL *
7771b, ATL
778p, CHC
781of, FLA
783of, LAD
784of, MON
36Tp, CLE *
43Tp, PHI
44Tof, OAK
45Tp, HOU
46Tss, CHC
56Tp, ATL
67Tp, PIT
70Tp, LAD
106Tof, KCR
112Tc, LAD

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