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Can you name the past, present and future All-Stars that appeared in the 1989 Upper Deck Baseball Card set?

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Positions and teams listed are as shown on the 1989 Upper Deck baseball cards - NOT necessarily their primary position OR team for their career.
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Card #PlayerPos/Team
1of, SEA *
5c, SDP
92b, NYM
13ss, MIL
17p, ATL *
18p, LAD
22of, OAK
24of, CAL
25p, MON *
31p, PHI
36dh, BOS
37p, KCR
39p, SFG
46p, SFG
48p, SFG
50p, SFG
532b, LAD
56p, NYY
59p, NYY
62c, MIN
63p, CHC
70of, LAD
79p, HOU
80p, NYY
81p, MIN
87p, LAD
95p, TEX
98of, NYY
99p, MON
1023b, MON
104c, ATL
1051b, SEA
107ss, CHC
110of, CAL
1123b, HOU
1151b, MON
116c, LAD
118c, TOR
119c, CAL
1202b, CHC *
121c, ATL
122of, MON
123p, SEA
1251b, STL
126of, CAL
1272b, CHC
128of, DET
130p, LAD
1313b, STL
132ss, ATL
139ss, TOR
1401b, CHC
1413b, HOU
145p, HOU *
148c, CHC
149of, TOR
150c, DET
Card #PlayerPos/Team
151p, CHW
1551b, SFG
159p, NYM
163of, SFG
165c, SDP
168p, NYM
169c, CIN
1722b, SFG
174of, OAK
175ss, CHW
1803b, CIN
185p, OAK
1862b, CLE
190of, CLE
191p, OAK
1933b, SDP
194p, SFG
195p, BOS
196ss, CIN
1983b, CLE
2001b, NYY
202p, KCR
2033b, MIN
205of, CHC *
206ss, SFG
207p, PHI
210of, NYY *
211dh, CHW
212of, CAL
2131b, MIN
2151b, KCR *
218of, SFG
220of, SEA
221of, KCR
225p, MIN *
228dh, CLE
229of, PHI
230p, NYY
233of, KCR
235of, CHC
2372b, NYY
240c, PHI
241p, CHC *
244of, KCR
246of, PHI
2473b, SFG
248p, NYY
2492b, SEA
250p, CLE
253of, STL
255of, TOR
256c, OAK
257p, CIN
258ss, SDP
2593b, DET
260of, NYM
263of, MIL
Card #PlayerPos/Team
264p, TOR
265ss, STL *
268p, SDP
270ss, CIN *
272of, STL
273c, HOU *
2751b, BAL *
278p, OAK
279p, DET
2801b, SDP
282p, TOR
284ss, HOU
285of, MIL *
289p, OAK *
290ss, DET *
291p, TOR
295p, HOU
297ss, SDP
298p, DET
3001b, OAK
302p, HOU
303p, CHC
3061b, STL
307p, NYY
310of, NYY
329of, KCR
330c, STL
331c, TEX
3362b, PHI
341ss, HOU
342p, CHC
343c, MIL
346dh, NYY
349of, NYY *
3502b, KCR
352p, DET *
3541b, CIN
357of, ATL
360p, ATL *
3641b, TOR
366of, BOS
368c, BOS
369of, NYM
371of, OAK
373p, DET
374ss, OAK
375p, CIN
376of, MIN *
377p, MON
3783b, ATL
381of, TOR
383p, TOR
384of, SDP *
385p, TOR
387p, BOS
3893b, BOS *
390c, NYM *
Card #PlayerPos/Team
391p, DET
394dh, DET
3952b, OAK
397p, MIN
402of, MON *
4063b, PHI *
407p, CIN
408of, BAL
410of, CIN
411p, BOS
413dh, BOS *
414p, ATL *
416of, TEX
422p, HOU
424p, MIL
425of, HOU
427p, PHI
428of, CIN
4311b, ATL
432of, BOS
434of, BOS
437p, TEX
438p, PIT
440of, PIT
4431b, HOU
448c, PHI
450p, BAL
4512b, DET
452p, CHC *
453p, SDP
456p, MON
458of, SFG
461p, TEX
467ss, BAL *
469c, BAL
4712b, SDP *
4733b, CHC
479c, SFG
4812b, CAL
485of, CAL
489ss, CLE
498p, MON
5103b, KCR
511p, PHI
512p, STL
516p, PIT
521p, BOS
5253b, MIL *
526p, SEA
530p, CHW
533p, STL
537of, PIT
540p, CLE
542p, BOS
544p, SFG
549p, KCR
551p, TOR
Card #PlayerPos/Team
552p, CAL
553c, BAL
555p, CAL
5582b, MIN
5623b, OAK
563p, NYM
565p, NYM
5701b, ATL
5721b, TOR
5731b, CAL
5753b, TOR
5783b, PIT
579c, TEX
5823b, NYM
584p, NYM
588p, NYY
590of, NYY
594p, CAL
596p, MIN
597p, PIT
601dh, OAK
602c, STL
605dh, OAK
609c, CHW *
610p, LAD
6121b, NYM
616ss, KCR
617p, CIN
618p, KCR
619p, CIN
621of, STL
630p, MIL
631ss, LAD
632p, CAL
634p, NYM
635p, CAL
6391b, KCR
640p, CIN
6423b, SEA
647p, CHW
653p, BAL
656p, LAD
657of, NYM
723p, BAL
731of, ATL
736p, KCR
742of, BAL
744p, BAL
752p, TEX
761of, DET
766p, SEA
7683b, SEA
776c, CHC
783p, CIN
787ss, SEA

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