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Can you name the past, present and future All-Stars that appeared in the 1989 Topps Baseball Card set?

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Positions and teams listed are as shown on the 1989 Topps baseball cards - NOT necessarily their primary position OR team for their career.
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Card #PlayerPos/Team
10of, CHC *
11p, ATL *
152b, SFG
17dh, CAL
18p, NYY
20p, PHI
252b, KCR
28p, SEA
293b, TOR
30p, NYM
33c, MIL
37p, BOS
402b, LAD
41p, SFG
43p, DET
473b, OAK
48p, MON
49c, HOU *
50of, TOR
52c, SFG
53of, TEX
552b, CLE
56dh, KCR
58of, NYM
59p, SDP
60of, STL
62ss, LAD
63p, MIL
65p, SFG
663b, CHC
701b, OAK
71p, BOS
73p, MON
75p, TOR
77p, DET
78c, TEX
83ss, ATL
90of, STL
94ss, SFG
1003b, PHI *
105p, NYM
1103b, MIL *
1123b, SEA
113of, TOR
115c, CHC
116p, KCR
119of, HOU
120p, MIN
121ss, SDP
122of, CHW
125p, SFG
1301b, ATL
134mg, CHC
135p, CIN
139p, TOR
140ss, CHC
144ss, CLE
145p, OAK
150p, LAD
157p, ATL *
Card #PlayerPos/Team
160dh, MIL
161p, BAL
168of, KCR
170ss, TOR
179c, ATL
180p, HOU
185of, NYY
187c, PHI
189of, SFG
190p, CAL
195ss, CHW
197p, MON
2001b, KCR *
205of, BOS
2062b, SDP *
208c, STL
210of, ATL
212p, CHC
215p, PHI
219p, TOR
2203b, MIN
223of, SEA
225p, LAD
229p, TOR
230ss, STL *
2332b, NYM
234p, CIN
2351b, SDP
2372b, OAK
239c, MIN
240p, CHC *
241of, SFG
243c, CAL
245dh, BOS *
250ss, BAL *
255p, NYY
256c, SDP
257p, NYM
260of, NYY *
264p, CIN
2651b, MIN
2701b, CAL
275of, KCR
280p, HOU
285p, NYY
289c, TOR
290p, CIN
293of, PIT
2963b, ATL
300of, NYM
302of, NYY
304of, SFG
305p, HOU
310of, CHC
313p, MON
315p, CLE
316ss, OAK
317p, CIN
3202b, DET
322p, PIT
Card #PlayerPos/Team
325of, TOR
328p, OAK
330of, CIN
332of, CAL
335p, NYY
343ss, MIL
345p, TEX
350of, PIT
354dh, BOS
355p, SEA
357p, CHW
359p, NYY
3602b, CHC *
365p, DET
3693b, HOU
370p, OAK *
3753b, STL
380of, NYY *
382p, ATL *
3833b, NYM
385of, PHI
410dh, NYY
411p, TEX
414mg, CHW
415p, CHC *
416of, DET
417p, SFG
420of, CLE
422c, CIN
425p, LAD
428ss, HOU
430p, KCR
435of, NYM
437p, SDP
440of, PIT
445c, DET
450p, BOS
4552b, CAL
460p, TOR
4613b, HOU
4651b, CHC
470c, PHI
475dh, OAK
478p, PIT
4801b, NYM
4813b, SDP
485of, MON
486p, CHW
4903b, CIN
494p, PHI
500of, OAK
5013b, CHC
502p, TOR
504p, PIT
505mg, CIN
5101b, STL
511p, NYY
513p, LAD
514of, DET
515ss, CIN *
Card #PlayerPos/Team
516p, SDP
520p, CHC
521c, BAL
525of, CAL
527of, OAK
530p, HOU *
535p, STL
540of, KCR
5411b, TOR
550p, LAD
555p, MIN *
560of, MON *
565p, TEX
567p, TOR
570of, SDP *
572p, SFG
5752b, PHI
576p, CAL
5802b, SEA
582of, LAD
585of, CHW
587c, TEX
5901b, MON
595p, MIL
596ss, KCR
6003b, BOS *
601p, SFG
602of, CAL
603p, DET
604of, CIN
605p, OAK
608of, PHI
610p, NYM
612p, STL
615of, MIL *
620of, PIT
6251b, BAL *
6283b, SFG
630of, BOS
632p, CAL
6352b, NYY
638p, KCR
640of, STL
645p, DET *
646of, HOU
647p, MON *
648c, SDP
650of, MIN *
652c, BOS
656of, CHW
659p, NYY
6601b, SFG
662of, STL *+
663of, ATL *+
664mg, NYM +
665of, MIN +
6703b, KCR
673dh, OAK
675p, BOS
680c, NYM *
Card #PlayerPos/Team
684mg, NYM
6871b, SEA
690p, CLE
691of, NYY
692p, OAK
695c, CHW *
7001b, NYY
703p, SFG
705c, BAL
708p, CAL
7092b, MIN
710p, NYM
715c, STL
717p, CHC
7203b, MON
725c, OAK
726ss, SDP
730p, CIN
737p, CIN
7393b, CLE
740p, MIL
7451b, TOR
749ss, HOU
750p, KCR
755c, LAD
757of, BAL
760p, BOS
761of, CAL
762p, CHW
7643b, CHW
7651b, HOU
770ss, DET *
771dh, CLE
774mg, BAL *
775p, MIN
778c, ATL
7801b, STL
784p, ATL
785of, BOS
788p, BAL
790p, NYM
1Tp, NYM
14Tp, SFG
15Tp, TEX
31T1b, ATL
36Tmg, TOR
38Tp, KCR
40Tof, CIN
41Tof, SEA *
45Tp, SEA
50Tp, STL
70Tmg, SEA
103T2b, SDP
104Tp, TEX
114Tof, ATL
116Tp, CIN
122Tss, SEA

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