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Can you name the past, present and future All-Stars that appeared in the 1988 Topps Baseball Card set?

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Positions and teams listed are as shown on the 1988 Topps baseball cards - NOT necessarily their primary position OR team for their career. + = Turn Back the Clock card of a former player.
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Card #PlayerPos/Team
5p, CLE *
102b, CHC *
15of, SFG
18p, NYY
20p, PHI
22p, CLE
23of, LAD
251b, MON
26p, TEX
30p, NYM
32p, SEA
35of, CHW
36p, CHC
391b, ATL
40p, LAD
44mgr, NYY
451b, MIN
47p, OAK
50of, MON
54p, TOR
55of, SEA
60of, NYY *
643b, HOU
651b, CHC
66p, PHI
68p, SFG
70p, BOS
72p, OAK *
75of, CLE
76p, MON
78p, DET
79c, TOR
80p, SEA
853b, NYM
90of, ATL
912b, SDP
95c, PHI
97p, SFG
99p, CAL
1001b, STL
102ss, CIN *
105p, NYM
110p, MIL
1133b, TOR
114p, TEX
1152b, CAL
118p, LAD
120of, MIN *
1243b, BAL
125p, BOS
128of, DET
129p, CAL
1303b, CIN
140of, TOR
142of, PIT
143c, OAK
1453b, DET
1471b, CAL
150of, CIN
Card #PlayerPos/Team
151p, HOU
155p, ATL *
156of, SEA
157p, SFG
160of, STL
164mgr, NYM
165of, MIL *
170p, SDP *
1743b, LAD
175of, HOU
177p, DET
180c, BAL
181p, NYM
184of, CHW
185p, NYY
186of, CHC
192of, CAL
195p, KCR
196c, MON
2003b, BOS *
204of, CIN
209p, CHW
2102b, NYY
215of, PHI
216p, CAL
219c, TEX
220p, TOR
225c, LAD
226of, HOU
2301b, CLE
235of, NYY
239ss, MIN
240p, CHC
2412b, ATL
245c, BOS
249of, LAD
250p, HOU *
256p, CLE
259dh, NYY
260of, STL
265c, CIN
269of, BOS
270p, CAL
272p, OAK
2753b, KCR
278of, HOU
284mgr, SDP
2853b, SEA
2873b, CHC
290ss, TOR
2923b, OAK
293p, CLE
295p, MIN *
3001b, NYY
304of, CAL
3052b, LAD
308of, NYM
3102b, STL
311p, CHC
Card #PlayerPos/Team
315of, CIN
316p, OAK
320ss, DET *
324p, KCR
3252b, ATL
3293b, SFG
330p, SDP
331of, CAL
335of, NYY
339ss, CIN
340p, DET *
3463b, MON
349p, PIT
3501b, SFG
351co, STL *
357p, CHW
360of, SDP *
361p, CHC *
366of, DET
370of, OAK
3723b, SFG
375of, MIN
379ss, ATL
385c, CHW *
410c, STL
412p, NYM
418of, SFG
419p, BAL
4201b, CAL
422ss, CIN
423p, PIT
425p, MIN
4301b, HOU
432p, SEA
434p, NYM
440p, PHI
443of, ATL
445p, SFG
4463b, CAL
447p, CIN
450of, PIT
452of, KCR
460ss, STL *
4631b, TOR
4653b, MIL *
466of, CHC
467p, BAL
468c, PHI
470of, BOS
471p, CAL
4722b, SFG
473p, MIN
475mgr, CIN
476p, OAK
479of, CLE
480p, NYM
481ss, LAD
482p, SDP
4852b, SEA
Card #PlayerPos/Team
490dh, TEX
491c, MIL
492p, DET
493of, BOS
4951b, BAL *
497of, SFG
498c, CAL
500of, CHC *
507p, KCR
509p, STL
510of, NYY *
516c, CHC
520p, HOU
529p, MON
530c, NYM *
535p, NYY
540p, KCR
543p, PHI
545dh, MIN
546p, NYM
550of, LAD
551c, OAK
5553b, CLE
557ss, HOU
5603b, MON
565of, TOR
5683b, SDP
570of, SFG
573p, BOS
5743b, ATL
575p, CAL *
577p, CIN
5783b, MIN
5801b, OAK
582p, DET
585ss, CHW
587of, HOU
590of, TOR
591p, PIT
593p, CHC
5952b, KCR
5961b, SDP
6003b, PHI *
6101b, NYM
611p, NYY
613p, CHW
615c, CHC
6181b, TOR
623p, TOR
625p, MIN
626of, PHI
628of, SFG
630dh, DET
6353b, STL
637ss, CLE
640ss, SDP
641p, OAK
645c, DET
647p, MON
Card #PlayerPos/Team
650ss, BAL *
652c, ATL
655of, NYM
660p, SFG
664p, STL *+
665of, STL *+
666p, CIN
670p, MIL
671c, MIN
675dh, BOS *
680p, TEX
6813b, PIT
682p, TOR
6832b, CLE
685p, NYM
689c, STL
690p, OAK
693c, SDP
695ss, CHC
696p, TOR
7001b, KCR *
703c, SFG
7052b, PHI
707of, BAL
710of, NYM
713p, DET
714mgr, CHW
715p, STL
720of, MON *
724of, KCR
725p, BAL
726ss, OAK
730p, CIN
736p, LAD
737c, CAL
740p, CHC
741dh, NYY
742p, MIL
750of, KCR
754p, SFG
755c, ATL
760p, HOU
761of, CAL
765p, MON
7691b, MIL
7702b, DET
771of, TEX
775p, TOR
777of, KCR
779p, ATL *
780p, LAD
784p, BOS
7851b, SEA
790p, NYY
7911b, ATL

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