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Can you name the past, present and future All-Stars that appeared in the 1986 Topps Baseball Card set?

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Positions and teams listed are as shown on the 1986 Topps cards - NOT necessarily their primary position OR team for their career. + = Turn Back the Clock card with retired player.
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Card #PlayerPos/Team
11b, CIN
10of, SDP *
15p, NYY
202b, DET
24p, ATL
25of, KCR
273b, NYM
28of, CIN
301b, BAL *
35p, MON
40of, NYY
43c, MIN
452b, TOR
50p, KCR
53of, NYM
54p, CIN
55of, BAL
59dh, CLE
60of, BOS
62c, CAL
64p, CHW
70of, NYY *
71p, MIN
72ss, CHC
78c, ATL
80of, NYM
82p, BAL
833b, HOU
851b, CIN *
90ss, SDP
95c, PHI
973b, MIN
98p, CHC
100p, HOU *
104p, NYM
105of, TEX
107ss, ATL
110p, BAL
112p, STL
115p, OAK
1163b, CLE
120p, PHI *
1252b, CHC
130ss, DET *
1343b, OAK
135p, NYY
1361b, CLE
138p, SFG
140p, CAL
1453b, LAD
149of, CLE
150p, STL
152p, SEA
1552b, CAL
159p, LAD
160of, DET
166ss, HOU
Card #PlayerPos/Team
168dh, TOR
170c, NYM *
1733b, BAL
1752b, LAD
177of, SFG
1801b, NYY
184c, MIN
185p, MIL *
190of, CAL
195ss, CIN
196p, TOR
199mgr, KCR
2001b, PHI *
212ss, CHC
2152b, KCR
2203b, ATL
221of, SEA
223p, SFG
224of, STL
225p, NYM
230c, SDP
232p, PIT
234p, CAL
235c, NYY
237dh, MIL
238dh, TEX
240p, OAK
241ss, TOR
243of, DET
245c, KCR
250p, NYM
254ss, CHW
255of, BOS
2573b, CAL
258p, MON
260c, PIT
264c, PHI
265p, MIN
2673b, MIL *
268p, HOU
270p, DET *
275p, TEX
280of, MON *
282of, HOU
2853b, CIN
288p, BAL
290c, CHW *
2931b, ATL
298ss, HOU
3003b, KCR *
305of, SEA
310p, SFG
320of, BOS *
326p, PHI
329of, MIN *
330p, CHC
333p, TOR
Card #PlayerPos/Team
335p, CAL *
338of, TOR
340ss, BAL *
345p, CAL
347p, MIL
349p, BOS
3501b, STL
355p, CHC
359p, KCR
360of, TOR
361p, PHI
362of, NYM
365p, BAL
367p, DET
369p, CAL
370of, STL
372of, MIL
375c, BOS
376p, HOU
377of, CLE
3781b, OAK
380p, SDP
382of, SEA
3833b, SFG
3851b, MIL
3861b, TOR
387of, PIT
3891b, HOU
390p, CHW *
391ss, CLE
4001b, CAL *
403of, SFG *+
404of, BAL *+
405of, NYY +
406p, CHC
408p, HOU
410dh, OAK
412p, TOR
415dh, KCR
416p, BAL
420of, PHI
4301b, MIN
435p, TOR
439p, LAD
4401b, SEA
4431b, BOS
445p, MIN *
4503b, SDP
454p, TEX
4552b, NYY
457c, OAK
458of, HOU
4601b, CHC
464of, CAL
465p, NYM
468c, LAD
4703b, LAD
Card #PlayerPos/Team
4752b, PHI
477dh, BOS
485of, CHC
487p, KCR
490of, SFG
491p, ATL
495p, SEA
500of, NYY *
501mgr, NYM
505p, PHI
506ss, LAD
507p, OAK
5103b, BOS *
515dh, DET
5201b, NYM
526p, MON
5283b, STL
530p, SDP *
5353b, TEX
536p, OAK
538p, CHC *
5392b, ATL
540p, DET
541dh, KCR
545p, TOR
549p, LAD
5502b, STL
555ss, MON
557of, ATL
560p, NYY
565of, MIN
566ss, OAK
5701b, NYM
573p, CIN
574of, CHW
575p, BAL
577p, LAD
578of, PIT
579p, CAL
580of, STL
581p, BOS
583of, SDP
590p, HOU
592p, DET
593of, TOR
595of, CIN
5983b, SEA
599p, NYM
600of, ATL
602ss, LAD
610p, NYY
612p, CHW
613dh, MIN
6152b, PIT
617of, KCR
620p, ATL *
622p, TOR
Card #PlayerPos/Team
625c, SFG
630p, LAD
6351b, PIT
639c, CIN
640of, HOU
644p, KCR
645of, OAK
646p, SEA
648p, ATL
650p, TOR
651mgr, NYY
652p, CIN
6552b, SFG
6601b, SDP
661p, BOS
6693b, CHC
670p, DET
673c, TOR
674of, CLE
675of, ATL
676p, SEA
679p, CHW
680of, NYM
683of, STL
6853b, MON
689p, PHI
6902b, CHC *
700dh, CAL *
725p, CIN
728of, LAD
730ss, STL *
735p, SDP
736of, PHI
740c, DET
742p, MIN
744p, CHC
750of, SEA
7513b, NYM
752p, SFG
755of, CHW
757c, STL
760of, MON *
763of, HOU
764p, PHI
765dh, NYY
767c, CHC
7692b, SEA
770p, SFG
772of, CAL
775dh, TOR
779p, PIT
780ss, MIL *
782of, LAD
785p, BOS
7872b, MON
790p, NYY *

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