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Can you name the past, present and future All-Stars that appeared in the 1984 Topps Baseball Card set?

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Positions and teams listed are as shown on the 1984 Topps cards - NOT necessarily their primary position OR team for their career. Card #'s with 'T' are from the Topps Traded update set. The three players on card #6 are depicted on a Highlight card.
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Card #PlayerPos/Team
6c, CIN *
6p, KCR *
6dh, BOS *
81b, NYY
10ss, MIL *
15p, LAD
20dh, CHW
252b, ATL
28p, MIN
303b, BOS *
33p, OAK
35p, MIL *
40of, LAD
42of, DET
43p, PHI
45of, HOU
48ss, CLE
501b, ATL
54p, NYM
55ss, CIN
603b, MIL *
64c, LAD
67of, MIN
70of, PHI
73c, CHC
76ss, TOR
77of, ATL
80p, MON
81mgr, NYY
83dh, SEA
85p, SFG
903b, LAD
92of, TOR
93p, HOU
95p, DET
97p, CHW
100dh, CAL *
105of, BOS
110p, NYY
115dh, CLE
118p, TEX
1201b, NYM
123c, NYY
1242b, TOR
125p, CHW
130ss, STL *
1393b, NYY
145p, SFG
147p, DET
149p, TEX
150of, ATL
154of, SEA
1552b, KCR
1573b, MIN
160p, CIN
164p, MON
165dh, BAL
169of, TEX
170p, LAD
171mgr, SFG *
Card #PlayerPos/Team
1753b, NYY
176p, CHC *
1802b, MON
182of, NYM
190of, MIL
191p, BAL
195p, DET *
199p, PHI
200of, MON *
203p, NYY
205p, SFG
206of, STL
207p, ATL
2102b, PHI *
213p, BOS
215p, BAL
220p, LAD
222p, LAD
224p, SDP
225of, PIT
230of, OAK *
2323b, MON
234ss, ATL
235p, SEA
236of, CAL
239p, NYY
2401b, BAL *
245p, CLE
248p, HOU
2503b, PIT
251of, SDP *
254p, NYY
255c, ATL
260p, BAL
270p, CIN
274of, LAD
277p, SDP
278of, TOR
280p, CHW
285c, STL
286p, CLE
290p, SDP
295p, BAL
296c, BOS
3001b, PHI
305ss, NYY
310of, STL
311p, CHW
312dh, TOR
3152b, CAL
319of, BAL
320p, BOS
321mgr, MIL
322p, MIN
3251b, SFG
327of, SDP
3293b, CLE
330p, PIT
331ss, TEX
332p, PHI
Card #PlayerPos/Team
335dh, NYY
340dh, KCR
343p, SFG
3451b, MIN
3483b, CLE
350of, NYM
352p, TEX
354dh, OAK
3551b, PIT
3573b, CHC
3602b, NYY
361p, HOU
363c, MIN
365p, ATL
3683b, NYM
370of, MON *
3743b, MIL
378c, SFG
3801b, SDP
383of, HOU
3851b, PHI *
408of, NYY
410of, ATL
415p, CAL
4201b, MIL
421p, MON
422of, HOU
423p, TOR
425p, LAD
4301b, NYM
434of, CHW *
438c, ATL
440of, NYY
4452b, BOS
447of, MIN
450c, MON *
455c, SDP
460of, NYY *
463c, MIN
470p, HOU *
471mgr, KCR
479p, TEX
480of, CHW
483p, CHC *
484c, PHI
485p, PIT
488of, TOR
490ss, BAL *
493p, OAK
494of, SFG
495p, MIL *
498c, BOS
499p, CAL
5003b, KCR *
502mgr, ATL *
504of, TEX
506c, TOR
507p, HOU
510ss, DET *
515of, CLE
Card #PlayerPos/Team
519p, MIN
520c, CAL
525of, KCR
533of, LAD
535c, PHI
5372b, PIT
538of, HOU
5401b, STL
5451b, CHC
547p, SEA
550of, BOS *
559p, HOU
560c, CHW *
563of, DET
564p, PHI
565of, CHC
566p, PIT
569of, CLE
570p, KCR
5731b, NYM
574of, CAL
575p, TOR
577p, BOS
580of, STL
586p, HOU
587of, PHI
589of, PIT
590p, TOR
595p, MON
5962b, CHC *
6001b, CAL *
607p, CIN
6102b, LAD
611of, DET
614p, ATL
615ss, SDP
6201b, MON
621mgr, NYM
625p, KCR
630c, MIL *
631p, BAL
633p, SFG
634of, LAD
635p, NYY
640c, DET
645c, PIT
6492b, STL
650p, ATL *
655of, KCR
6601b, HOU
6653b, TEX
6673b, CHW
6692b, OAK
670p, NYY *
675p, ATL
677p, TOR
678ss, MON
680of, CAL
6873b, MIL
690of, SFG
Card #PlayerPos/Team
692ss, HOU
6952b, DET
7003b, PHI *
720of, BOS
721mgr, SEA
722p, LAD
725of, CIN
727of, SFG
728p, PHI
729c, PIT
730p, STL *
735ss, CAL
736p, CHC
7391b, ATL
740p, NYM *
7413b, OAK
745p, BOS *
747p, LAD
748of, SFG
750p, BAL *
7523b, HOU
754p, PIT
757ss, CHC
759p, CHW
7603b, ATL
761p, NYY
7641b, CLE
765p, CAL
7673b, OAK
769p, SEA
770of, NYY
772p, MIL
775of, PIT
776ss, HOU
7771b, CHW
779c, TEX
780p, PHI *
785p, STL
787p, CHC
789p, CLE *
7903b, CAL
792ss, LAD
13Tmgr, NYY *
15Tof, SEA
27Tp, NYM
28T1b, SEA
42Tp, NYM
45Tp, KCR
55T3b, CLE
57Tmgr, NYM
62Tp, TOR
70Tp, SEA
92Tof, ATL
100Tp, NYY
104Tp, KCR
105T2b, PHI

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