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Can you name the past, present and future All-Stars that appeared in the 1981 Donruss Baseball Card set?

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Positions and teams listed are as shown on the 1981 Donruss baseball cards - NOT necessarily their primary position OR team for their career. This also includes managers that were All-Stars as players.
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Card #PlayerPos/Team
1ss, SDP *
2p, SDP *
3p, SDP
5ss, DET
8p, DET
113b, PHI *
121b, PIT *
14c, PIT
15p, PIT
182b, HOU *
21p, HOU
222b, PHI
23p, HOU
24of, HOU
27p, TEX
28of, TEX
291b, TOR
33p, PHI *
34of, NYM
35c, NYM
37p, NYM
40p, CHW
44p, PHI
46p, SEA
491b, CAL *
50ss, CAL
561b, LAD
57ss, LAD
58p, LAD *
59of, LAD
60of, LAD
613b, CIN
62c, CIN *
63p, CIN
65of, CIN
66of, ATL
671b, STL
682b, STL
71of, STL
74p, SFG
781b, CLE
81p, CLE
831b, MIL
843b, MIL
87of, MIL
893b, MON
90c, MON *
941b, BOS *
96p, BOS *
97p, BOS
Card #PlayerPos/Team
993b, ATL
1003b, KCR *
1013b, KCR
104of, KCR
1053b, NYY
107p, NYY
109of, NYY
111of, NYY
1121b, BAL *
114p, BAL
115of, BAL
118p, OAK
119of, OAK *
1212b, SDP
122p, SDP
124of, SDP
127p, DET *
128p, DET
1311b, PHI
134p, PIT
135p, PIT *
136of, PIT
140p, HOU
141p, HOU
142ss, PHI
1453b, TEX
146p, TEX *
148of, TEX
149ss, TOR
153p, PHI
156p, NYM
160p, CHW
167p, SEA
170ss, CAL
171p, CAL
174of, CAL
175of, PHI
178p, LAD
179of, LAD
181ss, CIN
183p, CIN
184of, CIN
187ss, STL
1923b, SFG
194p, SFG
1981b, CLE
2032b, MIL *
208c, ATL
211p, MON
212of, MON *
Card #PlayerPos/Team
2152b, BOS
218of, BOS
2191b, ATL
222p, KCR
223of, KCR
2251b, NYY
2261b, NYY
227p, NYY
228of, NYY *
231p, NYY
234p, BAL
2373b, OAK
239of, OAK
241c, SDP
249of, DET
2523b, PIT
254p, PIT
256of, PIT
260p, HOU *
262c, PHI
263of, HOU
264of, HOU
266p, TEX
2692b, TOR
273p, PHI
275p, NYM
277of, NYM
279p, CHW
280p, CHW
281of, CHW
284p, PHI
286p, SEA
2892b, CAL
290ss, CAL
291p, CAL
292p, CAL
2931b, CAL
295of, PHI
2963b, LAD
299of, LAD
306of, ATL
3073b, STL
308c, STL
314p, SFG
315of, SFG
3183b, CLE
320p, CLE
323ss, MIL *
325p, MIL
326of, MIL
Card #PlayerPos/Team
328p, ATL *
329ss, MON
330p, MON
331p, MON
3341b, BOS *
335c, BOS *
338of, BOS *
3402b, KCR
343p, KCR
3452b, NYY
347p, NYY *
349of, NYY
351co, NYY *
3523b, BAL
353p, BAL *
354p, BAL
355of, BAL
358p, OAK
364of, SDP *
3652b, DET
366c, DET
3722b, PIT
374p, PIT
378ss, HOU
380p, HOU
381p, HOU
383of, HOU
385c, TEX
387of, TEX
390c, TOR
3923b, TOR
393p, PHI
4031b, SEA
404of, PHI
408of, SEA
4093b, CAL
410c, CAL
411p, CAL
413of, CAL
414mgr, CAL
4162b, LAD
417p, LAD
418p, LAD
422p, CIN *
427of, STL
428c, STL
430of, STL
431mgr, STL *
433p, SFG
434p, SFG
Card #PlayerPos/Team
437of, ATL
4392b, CLE
4433b, MIL
446of, MIL
447p, MIL
448p, ATL
450p, MON
454ss, BOS
456p, BOS
458of, BOS
4592b, ATL
461p, KCR
463of, KCR
465ss, NYY
467p, NYY
471p, NYY *
472ss, BAL
476p, BAL
477c, OAK
479mgr, OAK
4821b, CHC
487ss, MIN
496of, TEX
505c, STL
506mgr, NYM *
508p, MIL
511p, LAD
517c, CLE
529c, MIN
531p, MIN
533p, BAL
536p, STL
5382b, MON
541p, LAD
546p, MIN
553of, CHC
557p, LAD
560p, STL *
561p, CHC
562p, CHC
565of, MIN
576of, CHW
579p, SFG
582p, TOR
586p, CHC
589p, CHC
594of, MIN
600of, BAL

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