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Can you name the past, present and future All-Stars that appeared in the 1980 Topps Baseball Card set?

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Positions and teams listed are as shown on the 1980 Topps baseball cards - NOT necessarily their primary position OR team for their career. Card #681 is the Mets Future Stars card and depicts 2 future All-Stars. Card #1 has 2 HoF All-Stars, but one is also on card #720.
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Card #PlayerPos/Team
1of, STL *
10p, BAL
142b, MON
15p, BOS
17p, CHC *
24p, MIL
25of, NYM
26p, KCR
30p, SFG
34c, OAK
35p, NYY
40c, BOS *
452b, KCR
46dh, TOR
50p, HOU
53of, MIL
553b, PIT
60ss, NYY
63p, BOS
65of, BAL
67p, TEX
70c, MON *
74p, CLE
75ss, LAD
76c, NYM
77p, TOR
78of, SEA
80of, DET
84p, SFG
85c, STL
88of, MIN
902b, PHI
92p, PIT
951b, MIL
97p, MON
100c, CIN *
101p, DET
103p, CHC
104of, LAD
105p, CAL
106of, HOU
1083b, ATL
109p, MIL
110of, BOS
111p, SFG
115p, TEX
117p, NYM
1182b, PIT
120of, PHI
124p, TOR
1251b, MON *
128p, BOS
129ss, HOU
130of, KCR
132c, ATL
Card #PlayerPos/Team
134p, OAK
1351b, CHC
136p, PHI
140p, NYY *
143of, SEA
1453b, SFG
146p, LAD
147of, HOU
148c, PIT
149p, CIN
1501b, DET
154p, MIL
1552b, BOS
157of, KCR
1601b, BAL *
163c, STL
167of, SFG
170p, LAD
1743b, CIN
175p, CHC
178c, PHI
179p, NYY
1823b, STL
185dh, KCR
1903b, TEX
194of, PIT
195p, SFG
196c, DET
199p, CIN
200dh, BOS *
210p, PHI *
214mgr, CAL
220ss, CIN
2241b, TEX
225of, NYY
227p, CLE
229p, PIT
230of, SDP *
232ss, DET *
235of, MON *
237p, BAL
239p, CAL
240of, CHC
244mgr, STL
245p, ATL *
249p, TOR
250p, NYY
255of, LAD
259mgr, NYM *
260of, TEX
261ss, OAK
263p, CAL
265ss, MIL *
2703b, PHI *
272of, CHW
Card #PlayerPos/Team
274c, ATL
275p, MIN
278dh, NYY
280p, SDP *
281of, CIN
285dh, CAL
286p, STL
2901b, LAD
295p, KCR
298p, CHC
300p, NYY
304c, MIN
305p, SDP
307p, SEA
3081b, CLE
310of, PIT
313of, TEX
315of, DET
318p, LAD
319ss, MON
320p, BOS *
3211b, STL
322of, CHW
327c, MIL
3351b, SFG *
3373b, CAL
340of, BAL
3453b, MON
350of, STL
355of, ATL
356mgr, SDP
3582b, DET
360c, KCR
3633b, OAK
365of, NYY
369p, TEX
3701b, HOU
371p, DET *
372of, NYM
373p, DET
375p, MON
378of, STL
390p, TEX *
391of, OAK
393ss, SDP *
395of, MON
400of, CIN
405of, BOS
406ss, MIL *
410of, CLE
4141b, NYY
424mgr, NYY
425ss, BAL
426p, PIT
428p, NYM
Card #PlayerPos/Team
430of, MIL
431p, CHC
437p, HOU
440p, LAD *
442dh, CHW
445p, DET
4503b, KCR *
457p, PIT *
459p, SDP
4602b, NYY
465of, LAD
470c, PHI
472p, CHC
474p, KCR
480dh, BOS
481of, SEA
482of, OAK *
483c, CLE
485of, TEX
4883b, TOR
490dh, BAL
495of, PHI
500p, CIN *
505ss, CAL
5103b, LAD
517p, BAL
520p, MON
521p, LAD
530c, TEX
532dh, SEA
5341b, CLE
5401b, PHI
542p, PIT
543of, BAL
544p, LAD
545of, ATL
550of, CIN
556of, CAL
558ss, TOR
5602b, LAD
561p, SFG
566ss, PHI
569c, STL
570ss, MIN
571p, HOU
572of, DET
573p, PIT
578p, MON
580p, CAL *
587ss, STL
588p, SFG
589of, CHW
590p, BAL *
592p, TEX
5952b, MIL
Card #PlayerPos/Team
599p, OAK
600of, NYY *
602c, CAL
603p, DET
607p, MON
609p, PHI
6101b, PIT *
614p, DET
6153b, BAL
617p, HOU
620of, TEX
6212b, CAL
622p, CIN
623of, MIL
6251b, NYY
630ss, PHI
635p, PIT
6363b, CLE
638p, CAL
640p, BAL
6411b, NYM
642p, HOU
6431b, TOR
644p, LAD
645ss, BOS
648of, NYY
6502b, CIN *
651p, SDP *
655p, PHI
6601b, MON
667p, KCR
669of, MIN
671p, OAK
675c, ATL
681p, NYM
681p, NYM
6842b, STL
688p, BAL
689mgr, BOS
690p, NYY
695of, LAD
699p, SEA
7001b, CAL *
702p, CHW
704c, SDP
705ss, KCR
706p, BAL
7103b, NYY
7153b, MIL
716p, CHC
720of, BOS *
722of, HOU
723p, SEA
725p, CLE

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