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Can you name the Hall of Famers that appeared in the 1977 Topps football card set?

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Card #PlayerPos/Team
29de, Buccaneers
45qb, Cowboys
50cb, Patriots
55rb, Redskins
80de, Rams
85te, Lions
90t, Cardinals
99c, Steelers
100rb, Bills
110qb, Raiders
125s, Vikings
140lb, Steelers
146lb, Giants
150t, Vikings
155lb, Chiefs
167wr, Chargers
170lb, Redskins
172g, Dolphins
177wr, Seahawks
180cb, Steelers
185wr, Browns
195wr, Steelers
230dt, Vikings
245qb, Steelers
265g, Rams
270t, Raiders
Card #PlayerPos/Team
274qb, Chargers
280dt, Oilers
290cb, Cardinals
291c, Vikings
295wr, Raiders
300rb, Steelers
320p, Raiders
330g, Bills
335k, Chiefs
342lb, Cowboys
360rb, Bears
380te, Raiders
385de, Vikings
390c, Dolphins
400qb, Vikings
405dt, Steelers
415g, Raiders
433cb, Lions
450s, Redskins
460g, Patriots
480lb, Steelers
484de, Falcons
505rb, Giants
506de, Oilers
515qb, Dolphins

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