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Can you name the past, present and future All-Stars that appeared in the 1975 Topps Baseball Card set?

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+ = former player depicted on Topps 25th Anniversary cards showing MVPs' cards from 1951-74. Some MVP and Rookie cards have multiple All-Stars.
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Card #PlayerPos/Team
4of, DET *
10of, MON
113b, CHW
16p, CAL
17ss, CIN
19p, NYM
20c, NYY
21p, OAK *
222b, PHI
23ss, LAD
251b, HOU
26p, BAL
273b, STL
29of, PIT
30p, MIN *
33of, ATL
353b, CHW *
383b, CLE
391b, CHC
40p, CAL
42p, DET
43of, NYM
44p, NYY
45of, OAK
47p, LAD
48ss, KCR
49p, HOU
503b, BAL *
52c, MIL
53p, PIT
55of, NYY
56p, BOS
572b, ATL
60p, TEX *
61of, SDP *
62p, CLE
63c, CHC
64ss, CAL
66of, DET
67p, NYM
69p, OAK
703b, PHI *
71p, LAD
73p, HOU
74ss, BAL
75c, STL
77of, PIT
79of, SFG
80c, BOS *
81p, ATL
82of, CHW
83p, TEX
87of, CIN
90of, NYM
932b, LAD
94p, PHI
951b, KCR
Card #PlayerPos/Team
991b, MIL
1001b, PIT *
1043b, CHC
105p, ATL
1061b, TEX
109of, CLE
110p, CHW
1192b, HOU
120p, KCR
124p, PIT
125of, MON
128p, BOS
129of, CHC
130p, ATL *
131ss, TEX
1401b, LAD
145p, OAK
150p, STL *
153p, CHC
155p, TEX
1561b, SFG
158c, NYM
1603b, NYY
1621b, PHI
163p, LAD
164of, CAL
166p, DET
1692b, KCR
170ss, OAK
173p, MON
174of, STL
1753b, MIL
176p, CHC
1802b, CIN *
183p, NYY
1842b, CHW
185p, PHI *
189c, BRO *+
190of, CHC +
190p, PHA +
1913b, CLE +
192of, NYG *+
194of, NYY *+
194p, BRO +
196ss, CHC *+
196of, BOS +
1972b, CHW *+
198ss, PIT +
198of, NYY +
200ss, LAD +
201c, NYY +
201p, LAD *+
2023b, STL +
203ss, MIN +
204of, PIT *+
2051b, STL *+
206p, DET +
Card #PlayerPos/Team
217of, NYY
219c, CHW
220p, LAD *
223ss, MIL *
2252b, BAL
226p, MIN
227of, HOU
2283b, KCR *
230p, OAK *
2332b, CHC
235p, CIN
238c, CLE
243p, CHW
244of, LAD
245p, DET
246mgr, STL *
248p, SDP
250p, PIT
255of, BOS
258p, CHC
260c, CIN *
263p, CLE
2662b, NYY
267p, PHI
268of, KCR
2701b, MON
271c, DET
272p, STL
275of, BAL
280of, BOS *
281p, MIL
282of, CHC
284of, CIN
285c, CAL
290p, NYM
295of, KCR
298of, SDP
299ss, CHW
300of, OAK *
302ss, BOS
303p, BAL
305p, MIL
315ss, CHC
320of, CIN
3241b, NYM
325dh, MIN
326p, PHI
328p, STL
330p, LAD
335p, BAL *
3393b, TEX
344of, DET
345p, CIN
350of, SFG
351c, PHI
352p, CHC
355c, SDP
Card #PlayerPos/Team
3563b, BOS
357p, HOU
358of, BAL
3601b, MIL
362p, TEX
370p, NYM *
375of, NYY
3803b, OAK
382of, BAL
384mgr, MIL
385p, PIT
3871b, TEX
388p, CHC
3903b, LAD
392of, CAL
395ss, NYM
397c, DET
4001b, CHW
408p, MIL
410p, BAL
413p, KCR
414of, LAD
415p, DET
420ss, PHI
421mgr, NYM *
422c, CHW
427of, ATL
430p, BOS
432of, MIL
4352b, TEX
439ss, DET
440p, LAD
4452b, NYM
4501b, SDP *
453p, STL
455p, HOU
458p, BAL
470of, TEX
4753b, ATL
478p, MIN
480of, CHW
4842b, SDP
485p, NYY
486c, OAK
488p, MIL
4891b, BOS
490of, STL
491p, BAL
493p, TEX
498p, LAD
500p, CAL *
505ss, SFG
510p, OAK
511mgr, TEX
514of, HOU
515c, PIT
518ss, TEX
Card #PlayerPos/Team
520of, KCR
523of, LAD
526of, MIN
530p, CLE *
532of, MIL
534of, NYY
535c, OAK
537of, BOS
540of, STL *
545dh, OAK *
550of, ATL
554p, CHW *
555of, PIT
557p, NYY
5601b, CIN *
561mgr, OAK
562p, CIN
564dh, BAL
5653b, NYM *
567c, TEX
5692b, KCR
570of, LAD
571p, DET
5742b, PHI
580dh, CLE *
583c, BAL
5851b, NYY
586c, BOS
590of, HOU
595p, ATL
5991b, DET
6002b, MIN *
6102b, STL
616of, BOS *
6173b, BAL
6172b, CHC
618p, BAL
618p, LAD
620c, MON *
621p, CLE
622of, BOS
6231b, STL
6232b, OAK
624p, SFG
6251b, BAL
628of, DET
629p, KCR
630of, PHI
633c, ATL
640dh, MIN *
647of, OAK
650of, ATL
652p, KCR
655dh, CLE
660dh, MIL *

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