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Can you name the past, present and future All-Stars that appeared in the 1972 Topps Baseball Card set?

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Positions and teams listed are as shown on the 1972 Topps baseball cards - NOT necessarily their primary position OR team for their career. Some cards may have more than one All-Star featured (Rookie Cards).
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Card #PlayerPos/Team
2p, BOS
9p, STL
10of, KCR
14p, PHI
17c, OAK
18p, CHC
20p, HOU
25p, LAD
26c, BAL
303b, BOS
31of, NYM
33mgr, DET
37of, BOS *
41of, OAK
43p, PHI
452b, CHC
49of, SFG *
511b, MIN *
53ss, NYM
55p, CAL
60c, PIT
61p, CHC
65of, HOU
67mgr, STL *
70p, BAL
75ss, OAK
79c, BOS *
791b, BOS
801b, CIN *
99p, CIN
100of, BAL *
101p, HOU
104ss, TEX
107of, STL
1102b, MON
111p, OAK
112of, PHI
114of, LAD
115ss, CAL
116p, CLE
120c, DET
1252b, PIT
130p, STL *
1322b, HOU *
135of, CAL
139c, PHI
140p, BAL
141p, NYM
141p, NYM
1421b, CLE
144p, BOS
145ss, CHC
1471b, SFG
1501b, DET
Card #PlayerPos/Team
151p, LAD
154c, STL
155p, HOU
160p, CAL
162c, MIL
163p, NYM
165ss, SFG
169p, OAK
1713b, ATL
175c, DET
179p, PIT
1811b, NYM
1833b, CHW
189c, OAK
190p, PIT
191of, TEX
1951b, ATL *
198p, LAD
200of, STL *
2042b, HOU
208p, CHC
209of, OAK
210p, TEX
212p, BAL
215of, CLE
216p, DET
218mgr, BOS
220p, MIN
236p, CIN
2401b, CHW
241p, OAK *
2421b, TEX
245of, NYM
246p, KCR
249mgr, HOU
2501b, BAL
2532b, CAL
255p, MIL
256of, CIN
258c, CHC
259p, BOS
260of, ATL
263of, NYY
264p, LAD
267ss, CIN
270p, BAL *
272of, CAL
2801b, SFG *
285p, CLE *
286ss, PIT
290p, BOS
291of, CIN
295c, SFG
297p, LAD
Card #PlayerPos/Team
299of, ATL *
3031b, CHC
309of, PIT *
311p, CIN
313ss, BOS *
316p, STL
320p, PIT
325p, NYY
326of, CHW
327p, SFG
330p, OAK *
333p, ATL
3382b, BAL
340of, NYY
350of, TEX
352p, MIN
355of, HOU
356c, CLE
357p, PHI
3612b, CHW
364of, CHC
3692b, LAD
370of, BAL
371p, MON
3731b, KCR
379of, CAL
386p, MIL
389mgr, MIN
390of, LAD
392of, PIT
394p, HOU
395of, STL
398of, LAD
400of, MIN
4051b, MON
406of, OAK
410p, CHC *
4152b, KCR
416c, HOU
4191b, CAL
420p, STL *
421c, MIL
425of, NYM
431of, SDP
433c, CIN *
435of, OAK *
437ss, LAD
439of, CHC
441c, NYY
445p, NYM *
447of, PIT *
449mgr, KCR *
450p, DET
452c, CHW
Card #PlayerPos/Team
455of, BOS
456ss, BAL
460p, LAD
468of, KCR
470c, CLE
474of, BAL
475p, CIN
4801b, HOU
482p, PHI
485p, CHC
490p, BAL
5003b, STL *
503p, BOS
505p, MON
509p, SFG
510mgr, TEX *
5112b, DET
513p, NYY
515p, MIN *
517p, MIL
520ss, PHI
525of, CHW
5292b, TEX
530p, LAD *
531ss, KCR
534of, CHC
535ss, DET
5402b, ATL
542p, CIN
543c, BOS
549of, MIL
5503b, BAL *
553p, CHW
5553b, CHC *
557p, OAK
559of, CIN
561ss, CAL
565of, BOS
567p, SFG *
5711b, SDP
573p, NYY
575of, PIT
576mgr, CHC *
5783b, LAD
579p, BAL
580of, KCR
583p, OAK
5851b, MIL
5863b, CIN
5903b, CLE
591c, ATL
595p, CAL *
596of, LAD
600of, DET *
Card #PlayerPos/Team
610p, MON
615p, CLE
620p, ATL *
6321b, OAK
6353b, PHI
636p, BOS
640p, DET
645p, STL
649p, LAD
6503b, OAK
655c, NYM
660of, BAL
6642b, KCR
665p, PHI
670p, OAK
6802b, BAL
682p, SFG
685p, CHW
6861b, LAD
689p, CAL
6901b, PHI
6952b, MIN *
697p, NYM
699of, NYY
709p, MIN
711of, SFG
718mgr, CAL
720p, SFG
7252b, DET
729p, PIT
730of, CHC
7333b, SFG
736ss, LAD
738p, CIN
740of, ATL
744p, MIL
7452b, CIN
750of, DET
759c, LAD
7602b, PIT *
761of, BOS
7613b, LAD
762p, CIN
763ss, KCR
764of, ATL
770of, HOU
775p, STL
777p, LAD *
785of, PIT
787p, ATL

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