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Can you name the past, present and future All-Stars that appeared in the 1971 Topps Baseball Card set?

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Positions and teams listed are as shown on the 1971 Topps baseball cards - NOT necessarily their primary position OR team for their career. Card #709 is a Rookie Stars card and features three All-Stars. WAS = Washington Senators; MON = Montreal Expos; CAL = California Angels
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Card #PlayerPos/Team
2p, PIT
32b, DET
4of, STL
5c, NYY
91b, BOS
10p, LAD
12of, CHC
14ss, CIN
15p, CAL
16of, NYM
20of, OAK*
25of, SDP
26p, MIN*
29of, BAL
30p, ATL*
31mg, BOS
35of, KCR
36p, NYM
38p, CHC
401b, CIN
44c, HOU
45p, OAK*
493b, PHI
501b, SFG*
53of, BAL
55p, STL*
56c, CHW
58p, BOS
75p, CIN
781b, CAL
803b, CHW
812b, ATL
853b, LAD
89p, BOS
901b, CHC
91mg, KCR*
95p, MIN
99ss, BAL
100of, CIN
102p, HOU
105of, CAL
1102b, PIT*
112of, LAD
117c, STL
1182b, KCR
120of, DET
125c, CLE
130ss, HOU
133p, DET
135of, OAK
1381b, PHI
139c, WAS
Card #PlayerPos/Team
140p, SFG*
143p, PIT
145p, LAD
1481b, HOU
150p, CLE
151of, CHC
158p, STL
160p, NYM*
162p, HOU
166p, PHI
169c, CHW
170p, BAL
174p, CAL
175of, CHC
177of, CIN
178c, OAK
180of, DET*
182p, MIL
183mg, NYM
1852b, STL
1912b, BOS
193ss, BAL
203p, CHC
205c, CAL
208mg, DET
2102b, MIN*
2203b, CHC*
222of, HOU
225p, BOS
226of, LAD
230of, PIT*
233ss, PHI
2351b, SDP
237of, HOU
239mg, STL*
240p, CAL
2412b, WAS
243of, CHW
245p, MIN
2462b, PHI
248p, CHC*
250c, CIN*
2603b, MIL
261p, WAS
2642b, HOU*
266p, MON
270of, ATL
2722b, CIN
273p, BAL
275of, CLE
276of, SFG
278c, NYM
Card #PlayerPos/Team
280p, CHC*
2853b, OAK
290of, MIN
295of, SFG
3003b, BAL*
303p, NYY
305of, BOS
3073b, WAS
309p, MIL
310of, NYM
312mg, HOU
3151b, MON
320p, BAL
3243b, CLE
325p, SFG*
326of, WAS
335p, NYM
338c, OAK
339p, CIN
340ss, BOS
3413b, LAD
344c, KCR
345p, CHW
350of, CHC*
354p, SFG
355ss, NYM
359p, ATL
360ss, CAL
361p, LAD*
368p, PIT
3703b, STL*
375p, CLE
380mg, WAS*
384p, OAK*
385ss, LAD
3881b, PIT
389ss, DET
3902b, CHC
392p, BAL
394p, CIN
395of, NYY
397mg, CLE
400of, ATL*
403p, DET
405ss, MIN
407of, OAK
410p, CHC
413of, CHW
414p, PHI
4151b, MIL
416ss, PIT
419ss, NYY
Card #PlayerPos/Team
420p, CIN
426c, SDP
429of, CLE
431p, KCR
436p, CHW
438p, NYY
4391b, PHI
440ss, OAK
441p, CHC
450p, STL*
455ss, CHC
4592b, LAD
460p, NYY
4613b, SFG
465c, PHI
466of, CAL
480c, PIT
484p, HOU
493of, MIL
494of, ATL
495of, OAK
500p, MIN
501c, BAL
5062b, CHW
509p, PIT
5101b, CLE
511p, PHI
513p, NYM*
520p, CHW
523p, OAK
5251b, CHC*
527of, NYM
5291b, LAD
530of, BOS*
532mg, MIN
535of, WAS
536p, MON
540p, HOU
544p, OAK
545c, SFG
547p, BAL
549p, LAD
5501b, MIN*
556p, CIN
560of, MON
562p, PIT
565of, HOU
570p, BAL*
5731b, NYM
574p, PHI*
575c, DET
577p, BOS
Card #PlayerPos/Team
5782b, MON
579p, MIL
5803b, CIN*
5822b, PIT
585of, LAD
590of, CAL
592c, CHC
5952b, BAL
598p, PHI
5991b, DET
600of, SFG*
6051b, ATL*
609mg, CHC*
610of, KCR
615p, NYY
616of, PHI
618p, NYM
620of, WAS
625of, STL*
626ss, KCR
629p, DET
630of, PIT*
631p, CAL
634p, CHC
635of, NYY
636p, HOU
638p, MIN
639c, LAD
640of, BAL*
645p, CAL
647p, CHC
648p, NYM
649p, BOS
650of, LAD
657c, CAL
660p, BOS
6801b, OAK
695p, DET
696of, SDP
7001b, BAL
709of, ATL
709of, BAL
709of, LAD
710p, BOS
713p, MON
720of, STL
740ss, BOS*
743p, MON
7452b, CAL
750p, WAS

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