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Can you name the past, present and future All-Stars that appeared in the 1968 Topps Baseball Card set?

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Positions and teams listed are as shown on the 1968 Topps cards - NOT necessarily their primary position OR team for their career. WAS = Washington Senators. Some cards may have multiple All-Stars shown (Rookie Stars).
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Card #PlayerPos/Team
152b, LAD
16of, CLE
16of, CLE
19p, PIT
203b, BAL *
22p, DET
23ss, CIN
252b, STL
27mg, NYM *
30c, ATL *
35p, CLE
37of, CHC *
392b, PHI
40p, DET
43p, BOS
45p, NYM *
49ss, WAS
50of, SFG *
53ss, PIT
54p, CLE
551b/of, ATL
56of, BAL
583b/1b, DET *
60p, CHC
61of, BOS
64p, MIN
65c, LAD
69of, NYY
70p, PIT
72p, CHW
733b/of, SFG
74p, CIN
751b, CAL
76p, ATL
77p, HOU
802b, MIN *
81p, PHI
85p, SFG *
86of, PIT *
88p, LAD
90of, CIN
921b, NYM
99of, CHW
100p, STL *
1012b, CHC
103p, LAD *
Card #PlayerPos/Team
104c, SFG
105p, NYY
109ss, OAK
110of, ATL *
112p, PHI
115p, CLE
118ss, BAL
120p, NYY
121of, CAL
123p, BOS
125p, CHW
1303b, CIN *
132ss, NYM
135of, BAL
136c, CHC
139p, PHI
140of, BOS
1442b, HOU *
145p, LAD *
1463b, OAK
150of, PIT *
159ss, CHC
165of, MIN *
166p, ATL
167c, BOS
170ss, CAL
1753b, PIT
177p, NYM
177p, NYM *
1783b, DET
179p, CHC
180of, STL
182p, HOU
185c, SFG
1901b, PHI
1942b/3b, BAL
195of, NYY
196p, CIN
198p, PIT
2001b, STL *
201p, DET
204c, BAL
205p, SFG *
208of, LAD
210p, CHW
215p, PIT *
Card #PlayerPos/Team
217p, PHI
2201b, MIN *
2253b, PHI
227p, STL
228p, LAD
230of, CIN
232ss, HOU
2331b, BOS
234p, NYY
2353b, CHC *
236p, NYM
237mg, CLE
239p, SFG
240of, DET *
2412b, ATL
2433b, MIN
246p, NYY
247c, CIN *
249p, LAD
250of, BOS *
251c, PIT
254of, NYM
255p, MIN
2561b, DET
257p, ATL *
2593b, CHW
260of, HOU
261c, OAK
262p, PHI
265of, CHW
270of, PIT
2712b, CAL
272p, BOS
2732b, BAL
274p, HOU
275c, STL
2801b, NYY *
282of, OAK
2852b, DET
2901b, SFG *
294mg, STL *
295p, CLE
298p, LAD
300of, HOU
307p, DET
310ss, CHW *
Card #PlayerPos/Team
315ss, LAD
316p, NYY
320of, WAS
321mg, CHC *
325of, PIT
327if, PHI
329c, CHW
330of, STL
335of, MIN
3403b, CLE
341mg, WAS
350p, CHW *
354p, BAL
3551b, CHC *
360of, DET
3811b, BAL
3842b, CIN
385p, OAK *
3902b, PIT *
392mg, HOU
393p, MIN
395p, WAS
397of, CLE
398p, LAD
400p, SFG
4021b/of, NYY
4052b, CIN
406p, BOS
408p, STL *
410p, CHC *
411ss, WAS
412p, ATL
414p, DET
415of, PHI
416mg, CAL
418p, CLE
425p, CIN
430ss, BOS
4381b/of, HOU
440p, LAD
441of, CIN
443c, CLE
450p, MIN *
453p, CAL
455of, ATL
456p, BAL
Card #PlayerPos/Team
4573b/2b, LAD
460p, BOS
464p, CHW
465of, NYM
467ss/3b, NYY
470c, DET
475p, CHC
478p, BAL
481p, BOS
483p, WAS
485of, CHW
4871b, CIN
491p, HOU
493p, CAL
495of, CLE
499p, PIT
500of, BAL *
501p, OAK
5022b, BOS
510of, LAD
512p, PHI
513mg, BAL
520of, STL *
5253b, SFG
527of/1b, ATL
531of/1b, CAL
532p, CLE
5371b, BOS
541if, CHW
543p, CIN
545p, SFG
546of, NYY
553p, LAD
558c, STL
560c, WAS
562p, NYY
564mg, CHW
565p, HOU
566of, BOS
573p, WAS
575p, BAL *
579of, PHI
582c, NYM
585p, CHW
590of, CLE
597p, CIN

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