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Can you name the past, present and future All-Stars that appeared in the 1966 Topps Baseball Card set?

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Positions and teams listed are as shown on the 1966 Topps cards - NOT necessarily their primary position OR team for their career. WAS = Washington Senators, KCA = Kansas City Athletics. Some cards may have multiple All-Stars shown (Rookie Stars).
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Card #PlayerPos/Team
1of, SFG*
4p, PHI
5ss, CAL
141b, BAL
15p, PIT
20of, DET
23p, CAL
24ss, CHC
27c, BAL
27p, BAL
28p, ATL*
302b, CIN
36p, KCA*
37mg, BOS*
40p, MIN
451b, HOU
48of, BAL
50of, NYY*
551b, KCA
572b, LAD
60of, STL
65of, CLE
67of, NYM
70of, BOS*
721b, CIN*
74p, KCA
75of, LAD
76mg, STL*
791b, NYY
803b, PHI
83of, CAL
85p, CHW
90ss, BAL*
93p, BOS
94of, SFG
95p, WAS
96of, ATL
97p, MIN
100p, LAD*
103ss, STL
104of, PHI
105p, BAL
106of, HOU
109p, CLE
1101b, CHC*
111p, CHW
112of, PIT
113p, DET
115p, SFG
118p, WAS
Card #PlayerPos/Team
1203b, MIN*
121p, PHI
124p, NYM
125of, STL*
126p, BAL*
127of, CHW
128of, CLE
129p, CLE
130c, ATL*
1321b, SFG*
133p, CLE
140p, CIN
144p, PIT
145c, DET
146of, CHC
150of, CLE
1523b, CAL
153of, ATL
158p, LAD
160p, NYY*
1612b, DET
164of, CHW
167of, BAL
1702b, PHI
175ss, KCA
1763b, SFG
180of, CIN
184ss, ATL
185p, CHC
189c, LAD
190of, MIN
1921b, CAL
193p, BAL
1952b, HOU*
197p, CLE
2003b, ATL*
203p, BOS
205of, NYY
209p, DET
2102b, PIT*
2121b, NYM
214of, CIN
228p, HOU
229mg, BAL
230of, PHI
2322b, CHC
234of, NYY
237p, ATL
240c, MIN
246c, CHC
Card #PlayerPos/Team
249mg, CAL
250p, CIN
251ss, WAS
252p, ATL
2533b, DET
254p, PHI*
255of, PIT*
258p, HOU
260p, SFG
261ss, CHW
265p, BAL
270p, LAD
275c, STL
276p, NYY
2802b, CAL
283p, MIN
285p, CLE
288p, LAD*
2903b, CHC*
2953b, SFG
298ss, BOS
299p, CAL
300of, PIT*
305p, MIN
307p, ATL
308c, SFG
310of, BAL*
3112b, CIN
3151b, DET
318mg, PIT
320p, STL*
325of, CLE
328c, NYM
3301b, LAD
333p, WAS
335p, CHW
336ss, PIT
339c, CLE
340p, CAL
341mg, NYM
344p, PIT
345of, MIN
347p, LAD
350p, NYY
354c, CHW
3602b, NYM
365of, NYY
370ss, CIN
372of, CHC
377p, HOU
Card #PlayerPos/Team
380of, BOS
383of, PHI
384p, NYY
3853b, NYM
386mg, WAS
3881b, MIN
389p, CIN
3903b, BAL*
391of, CLE
392c, CHC
3971b, PHI
400ss, MIN
402of, NYM
405c, NYY
406p, CIN
4081b, ATL
409p, CHC
410of, DET*
413c, CHW
4153b, CLE
417p, CAL
420p, SFG*
421ss, NYM
4241b, CIN
425p, PIT
4282b, ATL
429p, DET
430p, LAD*
433mg, KCA
435p, PHI*
4362b, STL
445p, MIN
447p, CHC
448mg, CHW
450of, MIN
451p, HOU
452c, CLE
455p, DET
459p, CIN
461p, PIT
4652b, CHW
468p, LAD
469ss, NYY
470p, CLE
4733b, MIN
475p, BOS
477p, BAL
4801b, NYM
481p, CAL
483p, CIN
Card #PlayerPos/Team
486p, CHW
489p, STL
4902b, NYY
495ss, DET
496p, SFG
497c, ATL
498p, PIT
500of, ATL*
501p, CLE
504mg, HOU
507c, CIN
508p, CLE
510p, CHW*
512p, BOS
514p, STL
515of, WAS
516ss, NYM
519p, NYY
520of, HOU
521p, KCA
525p, CLE
530p, HOU*
5311b, WAS
535of, LAD
540p, DET
544p, STL
5501b, SFG*
551p, PIT
552mg, CLE
5572b, HOU
5581b, BOS
560p, CHW
565of, CAL
566p, HOU
567ss, CLE
570p, STL
5792b, BAL
580of, CHC*
584p, NYY
5852b, PHI
586p, HOU
5901b, CHW
591p, PHI
595p, PHI
5961b, HOU
598p, SFG*

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