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Can you name the past, present and future All-Stars that appeared in the 1965 Topps Baseball Card set?

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Positions and teams listed are as shown on the 1965 Topps cards - NOT necessarily their primary position OR team for their career. WAS = Washington Senators, MIL = Milwaukee Braves, LAA = Los Angeles Angels, KCA = Kansas City Athletics.
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Card #PlayerPos/Team
13p, NYY
15p, BAL *
162b, HOU *
17c, CLE
18p, CIN
20p, PHI *
212b, WAS
262b, LAA
292b, BOS
30p, NYY
33of, BAL
40of, LAD
45ss, NYM
46p, LAA
47of, CIN
48p, HOU
50p, SFG *
53ss, DET
55of, BOS
60p, CIN
61c, NYM
62p, MIN
64p, CHC
65ss, NYY
66mgr, LAA
67p, BAL
68c, SFG
701b, CHW
71p, KCA
74ss, BOS
76p, CLE
80p, HOU
812b, CHW
82ss, MIL
903b, MIN
92ss, CLE
952b, PIT *
96p, CLE
99mgr, WAS
1003b, STL
103of, SFG
1081b, MIN
1103b, CHC *
111of, BOS
113p, BAL
114of, NYM
1152b, NYY
120of, CIN *
121ss, PIT
1231b, PHI
125p, CHW
Card #PlayerPos/Team
127p, MIL
128of, CLE
130of, DET *
140p, LAA
142p, BOS
1441b, NYM
145p, CLE
146ss, CHW
1503b, BAL *
1531b, DET
155of, NYY
157ss, MIN
160of, PIT *
165p, CHC
166of, CLE
170of, MIL *
172of, LAA
174p, CIN
176of, SFG *
180of, MIN
1853b, CLE
1901b, STL
191p, DET
193p, SFG *
195p, PIT
1961b, LAD
198c, CHW
200c, MIL *
205p, NYM *
206of, DET
2072b, CIN
208p, CHW
210ss, LAA
213ss, SFG
214p, STL
220of, CHC *
228p, SFG
232p, PIT
2333b, WAS
235of, CLE
236p, DET
243ss, CIN
244p, CHC
2451b, NYY
247of, LAD
248c, PHI
249p, BAL
250of, SFG *
251mgr, BOS *
252p, WAS
255p, MIN
Card #PlayerPos/Team
256of, STL
257of, HOU
260p, LAD *
262p, CLE
264p, CHC
266ss, KCA
268p, LAA
2692b, MIL
270p, BAL
2713b, DET
275ss, STL
276p, CHW *
2801b, PHI
2852b, NYM
294c, STL
295p, BOS
2962b, PHI
300p, LAD *
301mgr, CLE
304p, WAS
305of, MIL
307p, LAA
308of, NYM
310of, PHI
312p, CIN
3153b, BOS
317p, CLE
318of, SFG
320p, STL *
321of, HOU
322p, PHI
323mgr, BAL
327ss, MIL
328p, CHW
330p, NYY *
335p, DET
337p, STL
339p, CIN
340of, MIN
343p, BAL
347p, PIT
350of, NYY *
351p, MIN
352of, PHI
3532b, DET
355of, CIN
358of, LAA
3601b, SFG *
362p, PIT
3651b, KCA
367of, CLE
Card #PlayerPos/Team
368of, CHW
370of, LAD
373p, STL
376of, KCA
377of, PIT *
378p, BAL
380of, CLE
383of, MIL
385of, BOS *
387p, LAD
390c, DET
392p, PIT
3953b, SFG
399p, PHI
400of, MIN *
404p, CLE
405c, LAD
406p, CLE
409p, HOU
410ss, BAL *
414mgr, CHW *
415of, STL
416p, LAD
417ss, WAS
418c, CIN
420p, CHC
424p, CLE
428p, SFG
430p, CHW
432p, MIN
435of, LAD
436p, CHC
437ss, CIN
438mgr, PIT
440of, NYY
441p, MIL
4421b, LAA
446p, PHI
4472b, STL
450c, NYY
4551b, BAL
456p, CIN
4603b, PHI
461p, MIL
461p, MIL *
463of, PIT
465c, SFG
470c, NYM *
471p, DET
473of, BAL
4732b, BAL
Card #PlayerPos/Team
474if, PHI
476p, MIL
477p, STL *
478p, PIT
479of, KCA
480p, CHW
4852b, HOU *
490c, MIN
4961b, WAS
499p, BAL
5003b, MIL *
504c, HOU
505p, PHI
507p, CIN
5101b, CHC *
514c, CLE
515p, PIT
522p, DET
524p, HOU
525ss, BOS
526p, KCA *
526p, KCA
528of, CHC
530p, CIN
533p, NYM
535p, CLE
540of, STL *
548p, MIN
5492b, CHC
550p, NYY
556mgr, STL *
557p, KCA
559c, SFG
560of, BAL
5612b, LAD
5622b, CLE
570p, LAD
573p, BOS
573c, BOS
574of, WAS
577p, BAL
577of, CLE
580of, MIN
5811b, CIN *
582c, NYY
590p, KCA
591of, STL
598p, NYY

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