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Can you name the Hall of Famers featured in the 1965 Topps Baseball card set?

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Card #PlayerPosition - Team
15p - Orioles
162b - Colt .45's (RC)
20p - Phillies
50p - Giants
952b - Pirates
1103b - Cubs
120of - Reds
130of - Tigers
1503b - Orioles
160of - Pirates
170of - Braves
176of - Giants
187mgr - Mets
193p - Giants
200c/1b - Braves
205p/co - Mets
217mgr - Dodgers
220of - Cubs
250of - Giants
251mgr - Red Sox
260p - Dodgers
Card #PlayerPosition - Team
276p - White Sox
300p - Dodgers
320p - Cardinals
330p - Yankees
350of - Yankees
3601b - Giants
377of - Pirates
385of - Red Sox
400of - Twins
410ss - Orioles
414mgr - White Sox
461p - Braves (RC)
470c/co - Mets
477p - Cardinals (RC)
4852b/co - Colt .45's
5003b - Braves
5101b - Cubs
526p - Athletics (RC)
540of - Cardinals
556mgr - Cardinals
5811b - Reds (RC)

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