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Can you name the past, present and future All-Stars that appeared in the 2001 Topps Baseball Card set?

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Positions and teams listed are as shown on the 2001 Topps cards - NOT necessarily their primary position OR team for their career. In some instances, multiple All-Stars appeared on the same card (Rookie Cards). Unfortunately, unlike previous quizzes, due to the number of All-Stars in this set, this quiz does NOT include managers or other 'special' cards of former players (Torre, Clemente, Jackson, Mazeroski, Maris, Ryan, Fisk, Aaron, Brock, etc.)
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Card #PlayerPos/Team
13b, BAL *
23b, ATL *
4of, ANA
53b, NYM
9of, SDP
10of, KCR
12p, NYY
151b, CLE *
16of, ATL
17c, CHC
20of, LAD
22c, SEA
24p, BOS
25of, DET
30of, NYY
31of, COL
33p, BAL
35of, SEA
38of, MIL
39p, ANA
40p, HOU
44of, FLA
45of, SFG
47p, CLE
48p, ARZ
501b, STL
51ss, MIL
532b, CHC
56p, SEA
57p, NYM
58p, SDP
60p, BOS *
61dh, NYY
63of, MIN
64of, CHW
65p, NYY
70p, NYM
71ss, NYM
721b, ATL
75p, ARZ *
761b, MIL
78dh, CHW
793b, CIN
80of, ANA
84c, LAD
90of, CLE
95c, KCR
96p, TEX
99p, ATL
100ss, NYY
101of, STL
1021b/2b, BOS
103p, NYM
1041b, STL
105of, SEA *
109ss, ARZ
1101b, TBD
119c, OAK
120c, NYY
1221b, CHW
Card #PlayerPos/Team
123p, ATL
1253b, HOU
127p, TOR
128ss, TBD
131p, PHI
1353b, COL
1361b/dh, MIN +
138p, NYY
140of, KCR
142p, PIT
143c, CHW
145of, LAD
146p, ATL *
147p, OAK
148p, TOR
150c, TEX *
1542b, NYY
155c, PIT
1601b, TOR
165p, STL
1663b, LAD +
169p, CIN
170p, NYY
171p, CIN
173p, FLA
1753b, ANA
176p, OAK
177ss, ATL
180p, NYM
185p, TOR
189p, TOR
190p, SFG
193of, ATL
195ss, CIN *
198of, CIN
200ss, SEA +
201p, DET
2052b, NYM
206ss, LAD
2072b, STL
2101b, OAK
211p, ARZ
213of, MIN
219of, SEA
220of, SDP *
221of, BOS
2252b, SDP
227of, BAL
228p, CIN
230p, CHW
232p, TEX
2333b, FLA
235of, TBD
238p, SEA
2401b, CHW *
2442b, FLA
245p, CLE +
247ss, STL
248p, CHC
2502b, HOU *
Card #PlayerPos/Team
2542b, MON
2551b, COL
260p, SFG
265of, STL
2722b, ARZ
274p, PHI
276p, ATL
2772b, MIL
280ss, TEX
283p, KCR
284p, CHW
285p, MIN
289p, STL
290of, ATL
292p, SFG +
294p, TEX
295of, DET
300of, MON *
303p, PIT
308c, OAK
311p, CLE
312c, CLE
313p, MIN
315of, MIL
317c, ARZ
318c, TOR
319ss, ATL
3201b, CHC
321p, OAK
3521b, FLA +
355p, ATL +
362of, TBD +
363p, OAK
363p, CLE +
364p, MIL
370p, SEA
3733b, CHW
376of, MON
4071b, HOU *
4103b, DET
4143b, CLE
415of, SEA
4182b, TOR
419p, ANA
421of, TOR
424p, LAD
425p, NYM
430p, KCR
433p, NYY
437p, SFG
440of, TBD
441p, TBD
442of, CHC
443of, MIL
446p, MON
447p, LAD
448of, CLE
450p, SEA
453p, SFG
4573b, TOR
Card #PlayerPos/Team
464p, LAD
468p, HOU
470ss, ANA
473of, PIT
4783b, PHI
481p, MON
482p, STL
485of, HOU
487of, PHI
4902b, DET
491of, NYY
4922b, CHW
495of, FLA
497of, SFG
502p, KCR
5033b, ARZ
5082b, NYY
511of, ARZ
513p, TOR
516of, HOU
521of, NYY
5241b, FLA
525p, MON
5263b, TBD
527p, CHW
528p, ATL
530p, LAD
532p, NYM
537of, CHW
543p, TBD
545of, TOR
5502b, SFG
552p, TEX
5561b, DET
560p, NYY
564ss, FLA
5663b, SDP
567p, BAL
5701b, CIN
572p, MIN
5791b, SEA
580p, ARZ
582p, BAL
583c, ATL
584of, TBD
588of, STL
591ss, CLE
592c, PHI
593of, CIN *
598ss, SFG
602of, ATL
606p, SEA
607p, CLE
6081b, SDP
609of, BOS
6162b, CLE *
617ss, STL
618p, CHC
620ss, OAK
6211b, ANA
Card #PlayerPos/Team
622p, HOU
623p, CHC
625of, CLE
626of, BAL
630p, LAD
631ss, MIL
632of, LAD
640p, SEA
643p, ATL *
645p, LAD
648p, SDP
6501b, TEX
653p, MIN
655of, COL
656p, PHI
657p, CHC
660p, ATL *
661of, COL
664p, SDP *
665ss, BOS
668p, TEX
669of, BAL
672p, ATL
674of, ARZ
675dh, SEA
677c, CIN
678p, DET
6791b, NYY
680of, KCR +
682p, BOS
6833b, BAL
688of, CHC
689dh, OAK
690p, BOS
6911b, DET
692p, MIN
693p, COL
6943b, CHC
6962b, STL
697p, OAK
701p, BOS
702of, STL
704ss, MIN
706c, NYM *
709of, STL
716p, FLA
720p, SEA
724p, BOS
726of, SEA +
727p, HOU
728p, SDP +
730of, MIN
7311b, TEX
732ss, TOR
7352b, ATL
750of, MON

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