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Can you name the past, present and future All-Stars that appeared in the 2000 Topps Baseball Card set?

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Positions and teams listed are as shown on the 2000 Topps baseball cards - NOT necessarily their primary position OR team for their career. A card number with a T is from the Topps Traded set. In some instances, multiple All-Stars may appear on the same card (Rookie Cards).
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Card #PlayerTeam/Pos
11b, STL
2of, SDP *
33b, TBD *
43b, BAL *
53b, ARZ
6of, SEA
81b, BAL
10c, PHI
11p, CIN
12p, BOS
13of, CHW
14p, MIN
15ss, NYY
16c, ATL
18p, NYM
19of, BAL
20p, COL
22p, PIT
25of, ANA
271b, OAK
29c, TOR
301b, CHC
311b, TBD
362b, FLA
38of, PHI
40of, TEX
42dh, NYY
433b, DET
44of, ATL *+
451b, HOU *
48p, STL
49p, LAD
50of, CHC
51p, ARZ *
53of, COL
54p, CIN
55dh, CHW *
56c, NYY
59c, KCR
60p, BOS *
62of, PIT
64c, TEX *
66of, CLE
67p, CHC
69c, MIL
703b, HOU
71of, OAK *
72of, ATL
73ss, CHC
772b, MON
801b, NYM
82p, SDP
833b, PIT
84c, NYY
85ss, CIN *
Card #PlayerTeam/Pos
88of, TEX
89dh, SEA
922b, LAD
931b, TOR
943b, ANA
95of, OAK
96p, HOU
97of, ANA
98of, ARZ
99p, MON
100ss, SEA
101of, FLA
102of, PHI
103of, BAL
104of, NYM *
105of, LAD
1062b, CHC
107of, ANA
1093b, LAD
111c, SEA
113of, CIN
115of, NYY
116of, KCR
117p, DET
118c, MIN
120p, PHI
1222b, NYM
124ss, SFG
125p, ATL *
126p, MIL
128p, ANA
129p, HOU
130c, LAD
131p, CLE
132p, SFG
1333b, FLA
134of, SDP
136c, DET
138p, NYY
1402b, CLE *
141p, CLE
143p, BAL
1443b, NYM
145p, LAD
146p, TOR
147of, ATL
150of, COL
151p, CIN
1522b, BOS
155c, CLE
156p, SFG
157of, CHC
158p, ATL
159p, MIL
160of, ARZ
Card #PlayerTeam/Pos
165of, CLE
166p, PHI
167p, TEX
170p, NYY
172ss, BAL
1731b, SDP
175c, PIT
1761b, BOS
178of, KCR
1803b, ATL *
181of, MON *
1852b, ARZ
186p, TOR
187ss, OAK
1892b, MIL
190of, STL
191of, CHC
1932b, SFG
195p, TEX
196p, KCR
197p, TEX
1983b, TOR
1991b, OAK
200dh, TBD
203ss, NYY
203ss, TOR
207of, HOU
241p, ATL *
242p, TOR
243p, OAK
244p, ANA
245of, STL
246of, MIL
247of, TBD
250of, SFG
251dh, BAL
252of, FLA
253p, SEA
254p, TEX
256c, BAL
260p, NYY
261of, CHW
262of, MIN
264p, LAD
267of, BOS
268p, LAD
2711b, BAL
274of, LAD
275p, OAK
276p, NYM
2793b, COL
280p, NYM
284p, TBD
2861b, CHW
2871b, DET
Card #PlayerTeam/Pos
2883b, CIN
290of, HOU
292p, NYM
294p, PIT
295of, KCR
2963b, NYY
2973b, CLE
300c, NYM *
301p, SDP
302ss, MIN
308p, SFG
309of, MON
311p, TOR
312p, ANA
313ss, MIL
3151b, CLE
319p, KCR
321p, ATL
322ss, ANA
324p, NYY
326c, ARZ
3283b, PHI
3292b, CHW
331p, NYY
334ss, LAD
335of, SEA
3372b, SDP
3381b, ANA
3392b, HOU *
342p, NYM
3452b, NYY
346p, NYM
351p, TBD
352ss, STL
3533b, MIL
355p, SDP *
357p, TEX
3601b, CLE *
363ss, CLE
364of, TOR
365p, HOU
366p, CLE
3701b, NYY
373p, LAD
375of, MIL
379p, SEA
380ss, FLA
381p, TEX
3823b, TBD
385p, SFG
386p, TBD
3871b, ATL
388p, ATL
389of, MIL
393p, PHI
Card #PlayerTeam/Pos
3951b, COL
396of, NYY
397ss, TEX
398of, CLE
399p, CHC
400of, CIN *
403p, SFG
404p, MON
405of, BAL
408p, MIN
410of, LAD
412of, ARZ
413of, TOR
4142b, MIL
415of, SFG
416p, BAL
4171b, TEX
4182b, DET
423of, CIN
425p, ATL *
427p, CHC
428p, STL
4301b, CIN
431of, MIN
435ss, BOS
436p, CIN
4373b, MIN
439ss, TOR
440of, ATL
442ss, ATL
445of, SDP
446p, OAK
446p, CLE
448c, BAL
449of, TBD
451p, MIL
451p, OAK
455p, KCR
460p, BAL
T3ss, MON
T4c, DET
T29p, CHC
T38p, ANA
T40of, FLA
T46ss, TOR
T51ss, TOR
T61of, CHW
T811b, FLA
T88p, ATL
T98ss, BAL
T135p, CLE

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