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Can you name the past, present and future All-Stars that appeared in the 1993 Topps Baseball Card set?

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Positions and teams listed are as shown on the 1993 Topps cards - NOT necessarily their primary position OR team for their career. * = Hall of Fame. Card #145 also appeared on card #551 for Colorado.
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Card #PlayerPos/Team
1of, MIL *
2of, PIT
32b, CHC *
4p, BOS
5of, SDP *
8p, ATL
91b, MIN
101b, SFG
12p, STL
15of, MON
16p, MIL
173b, PHI
18c, OAK
25p, NYM
27ss/2b, PIT
301b, SDP
321b, NYY
34of, TEX
35p, ATL *
40ss, STL *
443b, MIL
48p, CAL *
502b, TOR *
511b, BOS
52of, NYM
53p, DET
57p, CIN
60of, NYY
65of, LAD
66p, SFG
67of, STL
68ss, SEA
70p, CHW
71p, MIL
73p, OAK
75p, TOR
76p, KCR
801b, DET
83of, CIN
842b, SDP
85c, CLE
88p, ATL
90p, MIN
92c, STL
94of, CHW
95of, MON
98ss, NYY
99p, PHI
1001b, OAK
1053b, KCR
1063b, NYM
110ss, CIN *
111p, SDP
1152b, SFG
120p, LAD
121p, STL
1222b, CHW
123of, MON
1273b, OAK
130p, KCR
Card #PlayerPos/Team
131dh/of, TOR *
132of, NYM
135c, DET
1393b, CAL
1403b, SDP
1452b, LAD
148of, HOU
1501b, CHW *
153of, MIL
155p, OAK *
156of, CHC
157ss, CAL
1602b, DET
163p, PIT
165p, CIN
169p, TEX
170of, ATL
171p, HOU
1731b, STL
179of, SEA *
180c, PHI
1811b, MIL
182p, OAK
183p, CHC *
1843b, CAL
185p, TOR *
188p, NYM
190p, PIT
195p, HOU
200of, MIN *
202c, LAD
205c, MON *
2071b/dh, MIL *
210p, CAL
212p, KCR
217of, SEA
219of/2b, CIN
220c, SDP
2212b, CLE
222of, NYY
223p, TEX
2253b, SFG
2271b, HOU *
230c, CHW *
231p, MON
2321b, SEA
235p, PHI
239p, KCR
2401b, TOR
244p, PIT
2453b, CIN
246p, BAL
249p, NYY
2502b, MIN
255p, LAD
256ss, MON
260p, TOR
2622b, PHI
265of, CHC *
270p, BOS
Card #PlayerPos/Team
274p, BAL
275of, PIT
276of, CIN
280p, ATL *
284of, LAD
285p, STL
289p, MIL
290p, OAK
295p, TOR
300ss, BAL *
302p, SDP
3033b/1b, CLE
3051b, TEX
308p, HOU
310p, SFG
311p, LAD
3153b, SEA
316c, MIL
318of, OAK
323of, BOS
3242b, NYM
330of/dh, NYY
331of, CLE
334c, PIT
342p, SEA
344p, CHW
345dh/of, OAK
3491b, PHI
350of, TOR
351of, BOS
354ss, PIT
355of, BAL
359c, NYY
360c, TEX *
362of, HOU
363p, MIN
3672b, CHW
371of/2b, PHI
373p, CHC
3751b, KCR
376p, TOR
380c, NYM
381p, BAL
386of, STL
387of, TOR
3903b, BOS *
3923b, DET
393of, ATL
397dh/1b, KCR *
400dh/of, CHW
417c, MIL
421p, PHI
425c, COL
4301b, NYM *
4321b, ATL
434p, CLE
435of, SFG
439p, FLA
440of, OAK
445of, PHI
Card #PlayerPos/Team
4483b, HOU
450of, LAD
452p, NYY
455dh/of, MIN
458p, TOR
460p, SEA *
465ss, SDP
470p, CIN
473of, OAK
474ss, CHW
475p, ATL
4851b/dh, BAL
493p, SEA
495p, MON
500of, TEX
502mgr, CHC
503mgr, CIN *
504mgr, COL
505mgr, CLE
507mgr, KCR
508mgr, MIL
508mgr, MON
510mgr, PHI
512mgr, SEA
512mgr, STL *
514mgr, SFG
514mgr, TOR
515p, CIN
520p, FLA
522p, HOU
525p, NYY
5262b, LAD
529ss, ATL *
532of, BOS
540of, MON
542ss, SFG
5453b, TEX
552ss, ATL
554p, BAL
555p, PHI
557p, LAD *
561c, NYY
568p, SDP
5703b, MON
572p, FLA *
576of, MON
580ss, OAK
595ss, CHC
596p, TOR
5971b/of, STL
600p, NYM
6033b, CLE *
604p, SFG
605p, CAL
609c, SEA
610p, MON
611p, KCR
615p, ATL
618c, BOS
625p, MIN
Card #PlayerPos/Team
6283b, TOR
6301b, CHC
631p, SFG
635of, CLE
639ss/2b, OAK
640p, NYM
644of, COL
645p, CHW
6503b, ATL
6553b/1b, BOS
658of, NYM
6593b/c, TOR
660ss, DET *
665c, MON
6702b, TEX
672of, NYM
674p, KCR
675of, CHW *
6802b, HOU *
682p, LAD
685p, PIT
695p, MON
696p, CLE
700p, TEX *
701c, LAD *
701c, TOR
7032b, NYM
705p, OAK
708c, ATL
710p, BAL
714p, LAD
718of, SEA
720p, TOR
730p, CLE
733p, CIN
736p, OAK
737p, CHW
740of, PHI
745of, LAD
750of, OAK *
752p, TOR
754of, STL
756p, DET
7572b, SEA
765of, NYM
7703b, CHW
776ss, LAD
781dh, BOS
783p, CHC
785p, TEX
7891b/of, FLA
790dh/of, CHW
794p, COL
796ss/2b, OAK
799of, CAL
8082b, SEA
811c, ATL
813c, CIN
817p, NYM

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