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Can you name the past, present and future All-Stars that appeared in the 1987 Topps Baseball Card set?

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Positions and teams listed are as shown on the 1987 Topps cards - NOT necessarily their primary position OR team for their career. * = Hall of Fame. + = Turn Back the Clock, meaning they did NOT appear on a standard card.
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Card #PlayerPos/Team
83b, STL
101b, MIL
14p, OAK
15of, NYY
18mgr, KCR
19p, SEA
20c, NYM *
21p, SFG
223b, CAL
23p, CHC
25p, MIN *
29p, TOR
30of, MON *
33of, STL
34p, OAK
40p, NYY
41c, CIN
453b, SEA
53of, CAL
54p, CHW
553b, MON
60c, PIT
61p, CHW
65p, CIN
69of, KCR
70p, TEX
75p, NYM
76ss, ATL
801b, CAL
85of, HOU
89ss, CHW
90p, TOR
912b, SEA
97of, PHI
1001b, SDP
103p, NYM
111ss, OAK
115p, CAL
116ss/of, LAD
1201b, BAL *
122p, TOR
123of, SDP
125c, SFG
1271b/3b, MON
130p, NYM
135dh, NYY
139of, CAL
140p, KCR
142p, CHC
1503b, BOS *
151p, SFG
1523b, TEX
153p, TOR
155p, SDP
160ss, CLE
163p, PHI
165p, MON
166c, CAL
168mgr, NYY
170of, KCR
Card #PlayerPos/Team
175p, BOS
1781b, TOR
1803b, SFG
184of/1b, PIT
186c, ATL
190c, KCR
198of/1b, NYM
199ss, LAD
2001b, CIN
2053b, SDP
210of, TOR
213p, NYM
215p, SEA
216c, MIL
220of, CLE
227p, CHC
230dh, BOS
2351b, SEA
236p, NYY
250p, MIL
252p, MON
254p, NYY
2552b, PHI
259of, BOS
260p, SFG
261of, TEX
265dh/1b, DET
2673b/ss, NYM
270c, CHC
275p, SDP
279p, MIL
280of, SFG
283p, NYY
2901b, CHC
291p, TEX
295of, NYM
300dh, CAL *
3043b, HOU
305p, CIN
310p, MIN
313of, PIT *+
314of, BOS *+
315ss, LAD +
318mgr, CHW
319p, CLE
320of, PIT
325ss, SDP
326p, KCR
328p, LAD
330p, HOU
340p, BOS
344p, NYY
345of, MON *
346ss, CHC
3501b, NYM
359p, CAL
360of, LAD
365p, PIT
3663b, OAK
370of, BAL
Card #PlayerPos/Team
372of, CHC
375p, NYY
380p, SDP *
383p, CHC
384of, DET
385p, LAD
386ss, HOU
390of, CHC
391p, OAK
3952b, TOR
4003b, KCR *
4053b, CLE
410p, LAD
412of, CIN
4201b, SFG
4243b/ss, CHC
425p, BOS *
4303b/1b, PHI *
432p, DET
435p, ATL *
440of, STL
444p, TEX
4452b/of, HOU
446p, CAL
450of, MIN *
451p, BOS
452of, BOS
455p, BAL
4583b/2b, TOR
459p, CHC *
460of, NYM
464c, NYY
465p, STL
470p, SDP
475p, SFG
476of/ss, SEA
478c, MIN
480of, BOS *
485ss, TOR
4883b, NYM
490of, ATL
495dh, MIL
4961b, OAK
5001b, NYY
510p, TOR
515p, DET
516c/1b, ATL
517p, CIN
5201b, STL
521p, PIT
525of, SEA
530of, SDP *
531co, HOU *
534p, CHC
535of, BOS
536p, SFG
540c, SDP
543mgr, NYM
5453b, CIN
546p, SEA
Card #PlayerPos/Team
5601b, HOU
565of, OAK
570p, NYM
571c, ATL
573dh, KCR
5751b, CLE
579ss/3b, CAL
580p, SFG
584dh, NYY
586of, MIL
590of, STL
620of, OAK
623ss, CIN
624p, MON
628p, PIT
629dh, TEX
630p, CAL
634of, CHC
635p, CLE
636c, PHI
6372b, SDP
6391b/of, ATL
640p, MIL
645of, BOS
648ss, CIN *
649c, OAK
650ss, MON
653of/ss, NYM
655of, TOR
6582b, SFG
659p, HOU
6603b, ATL
6612b, DET
664of, LAD
6661b/of, PHI
670of, HOU
672of, SFG
673p, CAL *
674p, DET
6772b, CAL
6783b, OAK
6791b, MIN
6802b, CHC *
681of, TOR
682p, LAD
684p, PHI
686p, ATL
687ss, DET *
689c, TEX
691of, CIN
6922b, KCR
693of, HOU
694p, CLE *
698c, TOR
699of, LAD
7012b, NYY
704p, NYM
705p, BOS
708p, BAL
709dh, OAK
Card #PlayerPos/Team
7103b, MIN
711of, ATL
714p, KCR
718p, CHW *
719p, PHI
720p, CHW
7212b, STL
722p, HOU
723of, CLE
724p, SFG
725of, CAL
726p, DET
727p, SEA
728p, BAL
729of/1b, TEX
731ss, CIN
7322b/3b, CHC
733p, TOR
7343b, LAD
735of, NYY *
736p, PHI
737p, CHW
738dh, KCR
739of, DET
740c, BOS
7413b, MIL *
744dh/ss, MIN
7452b, ATL
7472b, PIT
748p, BAL
749ss, STL *
752p, DET
753p, LAD
756c, CHW *
757p, HOU *
759of, SFG
760p, CAL
762of, TEX
7641b, BOS
766p, BAL
7673b, CHC
7692b, LAD
770of, NYY *
771p, PHI
772of, CHW
773of, MIL *
775p, OAK
776of, MIN
7771b, ATL
778p, DET *
779ss, HOU
780dh, CLE
781p, SFG
782of, CAL
783of, KCR
784ss, BAL *
791c, DET

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