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Can you name the past, present and future All-Stars that appeared in the 1983 Topps Baseball Card set?

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Positions and teams listed are as shown on the 1983 Topps cards - NOT necessarily their primary position OR team for their career. * = Hall of Fame.
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Card #PlayerPos/Team
10of, MIL
153b, LAD
17p, PIT
20c, CHW *
25dh, KCR
27p, CAL
281b, SEA
29p, NYM
30of, BOS *
35p, MIL *
39of, HOU
40p, LAD
451b, NYY
46p, CHW
48p, CLE
49of, STL
503b, ATL
53p, CAL
58p, SFG
603b, CIN *
63of, LAD
65p, DET *
70p, PHI *
721b, CHW
75of, KCR
78p, SEA
80of, NYM
82p, BOS
833b, CHC *
85dh, BAL
86p, CIN
87of, OAK
90p, LAD
92p, HOU
95ss, DET *
96mgr, KCR
983b, CHW
1001b, PHI
103c, STL
104p, ATL
105dh, CAL
110of, NYY
114p, MIL
115of, SFG
120p, CLE
125of, CHC
126mgr, ATL *
130p, TOR
1343b, NYM
135of, BOS
137p, MON
1402b, NYY
145p, MIL *
1492b, PIT
150p, STL *
153p, CHW
155p, KCR
156mgr, OAK
157p, ATL
Card #PlayerPos/Team
1601b, NYM
162p, BOS
163ss, BAL *
170p, LAD
175c, PHI
176p, NYY
177of, CHW *
178p, CAL
180of, OAK *
1901b, MIL
2001b, CAL *
203p, NYY
205of, PIT
209p, SEA
210of, SFG
212c, NYM
213p, BOS
215p, CIN
2183b, MIL
220of, LAD
221p, HOU
2222b, TOR
223p, SDP
224of, TEX
228p, STL
230p, CHC *
232of, MIN
2333b, OAK
235of, ATL
240p, NYY *
2452b, LAD
247p, HOU
248of, CLE
2501b, CHC
257of, TOR
260of, CHW
265of, MON
270p, BOS *
272p, TEX
273ss, LAD
274c, SDP
2753b, HOU
280p, CLE *
2821b, SFG
285c, DET
290p, MON
294c, MIN
2952b, BOS
3003b, PHI *
302c, TOR
305ss, CHC
307of, NYY
309of, SFG
310dh, CHW
315ss, CAL
320p, MON
3241b, LAD
325of, CLE
328ss, HOU
Card #PlayerPos/Team
3303b, TEX
331p, PHI
332of, DET
333p, NYY
340p, KCR
3413b, CAL
342p, SFG
345p, TOR
350ss, MIL *
352c, LAD
355p, PIT
360p, HOU *
364of, ATL
3652b, OAK
368dh, SEA
369p, NYM
370c, MON *
376of, LAD
377dh, KCR
380p, MIN
382p, HOU
383c, PHI
384p, SDP
385of, PIT
410p, ATL *
413p, OAK
4201b, MON
425of, LAD
429p, CLE
4313b, MIN
435of, OAK
436p, CHC
439ss, ATL
440p, NYY
442of, CAL
445p, BAL
4483b, SFG
450c, MIL *
452of, TOR
454p, LAD
459p, PHI
460ss, NYY
463p, SEA *
465of, STL
470p, SFG
475of, CIN
4782b, HOU
479p, TEX
4803b, CLE
482of, SDP *
484p, PHI
488ss, TOR
4892b, STL
490p, BAL *
494c, SFG
497p, CLE
4983b, BOS *
500of, CAL
505ss, SDP
Card #PlayerPos/Team
5092b, DET
510p, PHI
512p, NYY
515c, STL
517of, MIN
520of, CAL
521c, ATL
522p, NYM
5233b, BOS
5252b, KCR
529c, MIN
5301b, BAL *
532p, LAD
5352b, PHI
540ss, STL *
541p, CHW
542c, CHC
545p, SEA
550dh, BOS *
5523b, MON
553p, BAL
557p, TEX
558ss, HOU
560of, CHW
564p, PHI
565ss, TEX
568p, CHC
570p, KCR
5721b, ATL
576mgr, SFG *
580p, CIN *
585of, HOU
586p, MIN
590c, PIT
592p, NYY
595of, MON *
599p, CAL
6003b, KCR *
602c, BOS
6032b, SFG *
6083b, MIL
6101b, LAD
612c, SDP
617c, NYY
618p, CHW
620p, OAK
6242b, ATL
625p, CAL
629p, MON
6303b, MIL *
631p, BAL
6353b, NYY
638p, DET
640dh, CLE
6453b, PIT
648dh, OAK
650of, STL
653of, NYM
655of, BAL
Card #PlayerPos/Team
6601b, CLE
661ss, LAD
662p, HOU
665c, TEX
670of, NYY
672p, STL *
676c, ATL
679p, NYM
680of, MON *
682p, BOS
685of, NYY
6901b, MIN
693p, CHW
695of, SDP
699p, CHC *
7001b, STL
710of, KCR
7151b, BOS *
717p, MON
720ss, CIN
722of, LAD
724of, TEX
726mgr, MIL
727of, DET
728p, PHI
729of, CHC
7301b, PIT
732of, SEA
735p, CAL
7401b, NYM
745p, BAL
749p, TEX
750of, MIL
755p, PIT
760of, ATL
765c, CAL
768ss, MON
770of, NYY *
772p, CHW
773dh, MIL
775p, LAD
776dh, TEX
780of, PHI
781p, PIT
782dh, NYY
784c, OAK
7902b, CAL
791p, SFG
7921b, ATL
18Tss, NYY
34Tss, CLE
47Tmgr, NYM
55Tof, CHW
63Tp, DET
84Tp, ATL
108Tof, NYM
129Tp, SEA

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