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Can you name the past, present and future All-Stars that appeared in the 1982 Topps Baseball Card set?

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No duplicates for players that appeared on multiple cards (All-Stars, In Action, Team Leaders, Record Breakers, Highlights, etc.)Positions and teams listed are as shown on the 1982 Topps cards - NOT necessarily their primary position OR team for their career. * = Hall of Fame. In some instances, multiple All-Stars appeared on the same card (Rookie Cards).
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Card #PlayerPos/Team
7p, MON
9p, NYY
14p, LAD
15of, NYM
173b, SFG
19c, TOR
213b, BAL *
23p, CHC
252b, BOS
26of, CLE
273b, STL
30p, CIN *
33of, CHC
34p, HOU
38p, MON
392b, DET
40of, PIT
44p, CHW
47of, SFG
503b, TEX
51p, CHC
55ss, CAL
57ss, HOU
59c, BOS
60of, OAK
63p, CIN
65c, SDP
683b, MIL
70of, MON
75p, NYY
80p, BAL *
82p, LAD
85p, CHW
87p, OAK
88c, ATL
90p, HOU *
913b, BOS
93of, MIL
95ss, SDP *
1003b, PHI *
110c, CHW *
114of, LAD
115p, ATL *
127of, PHI
132dh/1b, KCR
138c, PIT
140of, CHW
1413b, CLE
142p, NYY
1453b, ATL
150c, MIL
158c, CAL
160p, PIT
170p, PIT
171of, SFG
175of, NYY
1791b, LAD
185p, ATL *
Card #PlayerPos/Team
187c, OAK
190p, HOU
1911b, MON
1952b/ss, MIL *
197p, SEA
198ss, MON
199p, CAL
2003b, KCR *
203of, TOR
208of, NYY
209p, SFG
2101b, STL
211p, DET
213p, LAD
215p, CHC
2202b, PHI
221p, MIL
222c, MIN
223of, TOR
2241b, SEA
230of, KCR
231p, PHI
235of, PIT
239p, TEX
240ss, NYY
2453b, CHC
247of, LAD
250p, PHI
251of, CAL
254of, TOR
2551b, BOS *
258c, CLE
260p, STL *
264p, KCR
265of, BAL
2701b, NYM
2751b, NYY
277of, HOU
279ss, LAD
280of, MIL
2842b, CAL
285p, PHI
288ss, STL
289p, BOS
290of, BAL
291ss, PIT
2912b, PIT
294p, CIN
2951b, PIT
296p, ATL
300of, NYY *
303p, CHC
305p, HOU *
3101b, CLE
315p, LAD
317p, PHI
3201b, ATL
323p, MON
Card #PlayerPos/Team
325of, HOU
328p, CHW
330p, SDP
335c, TEX
355of, BOS
360p, CLE
364p, SFG
3653b, PIT
367p, STL
370p, OAK
375of, LAD
380p, TOR
381p, BOS
383p, PIT
385p, CAL
388of, BOS
3901b, BAL *
397p, KCR
399p, NYM
400c, CIN *
404ss, HOU
405p, NYY
406p, SFG
4103b, LAD
415dh/of, CAL
417of, CLE
419p, BAL
420of, STL
421p, BOS
424c, ATL
425p, PIT
428p, CHW
430p, SFG
432p, NYM
435ss, MIL *
439p, NYY
440of, SEA
4453b, MON
447c, STL
450p, DET *
452p, CHC
455p, BOS
4581b, PIT
460of, SFG
461p, CHW
4623b, KCR
463p, TEX
465of, NYM
468p, SEA
4701b, TOR
471p, KCR
475ss, DET *
480p, PHI *
4822b, ATL
490p, BOS *
493of, CHW
4943b, NYM
496of, TEX
Card #PlayerPos/Team
5001b, CAL *
502of, ATL
5053b, NYY
508c, CHC
510p, LAD
511of, SDP
513p, PIT
515ss, PHI
520p, BAL
5253b, CIN
5323b, CLE
533p, STL
535c, DET
536ss, ATL
538of, NYY
540of, MON *
545of, LAD
560p, MIN
5643b, BAL
5692b, NYY
577of, LAD
580of, CHC
581p, PHI
583p, BAL
585p, MIL *
590of, TEX
5962b, TOR
600of, NYY *
601p, CLE
602ss, CAL
605p, MON
607of, CHC
609p, LAD
610of, OAK *
611p, HOU
612of, MIN
615c, PHI
617p, BAL
619p, BOS
620of, CIN
624p, TEX *
625dh/of, KCR
626p, NYM
628p, CAL
631c, STL
635p, NYY
640of, HOU
642c, LAD
6452b, KCR
650of/1b, BOS *
653of, CAL
655of, NYM
656p, SFG
660ss, CIN
665p, TOR
667p, MON
668of, ATL
670of, DET
Card #PlayerPos/Team
672p, HOU
6751b, MIL
677ss, TOR
678of/1b, SEA
680of, PHI
6812b, LAD
6823b, OAK
6832b, HOU
684of, CHW
685p, CLE *
687p, SFG
689p, STL
6901b, NYM
697p, ATL
700of, CIN
704of, TEX
7093b/1b, MIL
710p, LAD
711of, SEA
712p, BAL
714p, CHW
7151b, PIT *
718p, TEX
720of, CHW
725of, KCR
728p, DET
7291b, OAK
730c, MON *
738c, MIN
7402b, LAD
743c, NYM
744p, CAL
745of, PHI
7461b, CLE
750dh/of, BOS *
751p, TEX
7542b, SFG *
758of, ATL
7601b, CHC
761p, HOU
763p, CIN
764c, SDP
765of, MIL
7661b, MIN
766c, MIN
767ss, MIN
769dh/of, SEA
770p, NYY *
772ss, CAL
776ss, BAL
779p, MON
7801b, PHI
788p, MON
790p, KCR
792p, BOS

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