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Can you name the past, present and future All-Stars that appeared in the 1977 Topps Baseball Card set?

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Positions and teams listed are as shown on the 1977 Topps cards - NOT necessarily their primary position OR team for their career. * = Hall of Fame. + = Turn Back the Clock or Record Breaker card, meaning they did NOT appear on a standard card. In some instances, multiple All-Stars appeared on the same card (Rookie Cards).
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Card #PlayerPos/Team
10of, NYY *
17p, CHW
18mgr, CLE *
203b, NYY
21p, HOU
22c, DET
25of, BOS
27of/1b, LAD
28p, MON
29ss, CHW
30of, PHI
37p, TOR
40of, SFG
41p, CLE
42of, HOU
44ss, NYM
47p, STL
48of, ATL
49p, SEA
503b, LAD
52of, MON
542b, NYY
55of, TEX
58of, CHW
60dh/of, BOS *
61c, OAK
66ss, MIN
67p, HOU
681b/of, CAL
70c, CIN *
71p, NYY
793b, MIL
80p, ATL
86p, CIN
90of, HOU
951b, STL
96of, NYY
1002b, CIN *
106p, BAL
1071b/3b, CAL
1093b/of, CHW
110p, PHI *
1113b, BOS
113co, TOR
116p, HOU
1172b, KCR
119c, NYM
1201b, MIN *
121p, CIN
122of, DET
125p, MIL
1271b, OAK
128p, LAD
130of, PIT
133of, CHW
Card #PlayerPos/Team
135ss, BAL
136of, STL
1403b, PHI *
143c, HOU
144p, CHC *
146of, LAD
150p, NYM *
152p, TEX *
154p, PIT
1551b/of, CAL
157p, CHW
161ss, STL
162p, BAL
164p, PHI
165of, ATL
166p, BOS
169p, CHC
170c, NYY
175c, MIN
1802b, LAD
192of, ATL
193p, KCR
194of, ATL
198p, CHW
200p, CAL
2011b, NYM
204c, OAK
2061b, CLE
210of, BOS
214c, MIL
2163b, BAL
219p, CHC
2201b, NYY
227p, HOU
229ss/2b, STL
230p, OAK
232ph, CHW +
2351b/dh, BOS
238p, BAL
240of, DET
243p, PHI
2441b, KCR
245p, LAD
2503b, CHC
254p, TEX
2551b, MIL
256p, TEX
258p, BOS
260p, HOU
2612b, OAK
263p, ATL
265p, DET
267c, CLE
270of, PIT
274p, MON
Card #PlayerPos/Team
2751b/of, TEX
280p, NYY *
282p, CAL
284p, OAK
2853b, BAL *
286of, SDP
290of, KCR
2911b, DET
295c/of, MON *
2973b, SFG
298p, LAD
300p, NYM
301ss, TEX
303c/1b, SDP
305of, NYY
309mgr, BOS
310ss, PHI
313of, BAL
315ss/3b, CAL
316p, MON
319p, CHW *
320of, CIN
322ss, LAD
330of, CLE
331p, MIL
338c, CHW
340dh/of, KCR
3422b, CAL
344c, CHW
345of, LAD
346p, TOR
347of, CIN
350p, HOU
351c, TEX
355of, STL *
357c, PHI
3592b, NYY
360of, CHC
362dh, KCR
370p, SFG
373ss, TEX
374p, PIT
375of, MIN
3801b, BAL
385p, CLE
386of, LAD
387mgr, NYY
390of, SDP *
3952b, CHC
398p, MIN
4001b, LAD
4022b, OAK
405of, OAK
4101b, ATL
414dh, BAL
Card #PlayerPos/Team
418mgr, CHW *
419c, CHC
420of, DET
422ss, KCR
423p, SFG
4251b, NYM *
430p, BOS *
432p, ATL
4331b, SDP +
435ss, LAD +
436p, CHW +
437of, PIT *+
439of, MIL
440p, NYM
444p, PHI
445of, BAL
448c, LAD
4503b, CIN
454c, CAL
455p, BOS
4601b, PIT *
4621b/of, CAL
465dh/of, TOR
469of, BAL
470c, STL
472p, BOS
473of, MON *
474ss, PIT
475p, BAL
476c, ATL
479of, OAK
4801b, BOS *
483of, PIT
484p, LAD
485of, NYY
488of, SFG
488of, SEA
488of, NYM
489p, TEX
489p, SFG
491p, BAL
492of, PIT
492of, DET
493p, CHC
497p, CHW
4983b, MIL
500of, NYM
501p, CLE
502c, CHC
503p, BOS
5071b, MIL
5092b, KCR
510p, PIT
512p, CIN
515ss, SFG
Card #PlayerPos/Team
516of, STL
5212b, CAL
523p, SDP *
525p, CLE *
5263b, MON
530p, CHC
5401b, HOU
545c, PHI
5471b, SFG *
548of, CIN
550p, SDP
560ss, CIN
565p, NYM
568dh, NYY
569p, PHI
570of, CAL
5711b, SFG
572p, BAL
575p, ATL
5803b, KCR *
585ss, BOS
5903b, CLE
594c, ATL
595p, DET
597co, SEA
597co, SEA
598p, NYY
600p, BAL *
603of, SDP
604p, MIL
6052b, NYM
6083b, TEX
611p, TOR
615p, ATL *
618p, CLE
620p, LAD *
625p, NYY
626of, BAL
630p, TEX *
635ss, MIL *
637of, DET
638p, PHI
639of, CHC
640c, BOS *
645p, PIT
6481b, CHW
6492b, MON
650p, CAL *
6551b, CIN *
656p, NYY
658p, KCR
660dh, DET

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