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Can you name the past, present and future All-Stars that appeared in the 1976 Topps Baseball Card set?

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Positions and teams listed are as shown on the 1976 Topps cards - NOT necessarily their primary position OR team for their career. * = Hall of Fame. + = All-Time Great or Father & Son card, meaning they did NOT appear on a standard card. In some instances, multiple All-Stars appeared on the same card (Rookie Cards).
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Card #PlayerPos/Team
10of, STL *
12of, PIT
151b, MIL
17mgr, NYY
193b, KCR *
201b, HOU
21p, CLE
22ss, LAD
23c, CHW
261b, CHC
28of, ATL
29ss, BOS
30p, SFG
35dh, MIN *
37p, DET
401b, NYM
41p, NYY
451b, CLE
47ss, CIN
49c, BAL
50of, BOS
523b, CAL
55p, TEX *
572b, OAK
58p, STL
59of, MIN
60p, PIT
61of, DET
64p, NYM
651b, NYY
66of, CIN +
67ss, DET +
68p, BAL +
69c, CLE +
71p, MON
72of, KCR
75p, HOU
78dh, BOS
79of, CHC
80p, CHW *
813b, ATL
831b, TEX
85of, CAL
87p, MIN
903b, OAK
953b, BAL *
98p, CLE *
100p, NYY *
103c, ATL
105p, SFG
110of, CHW
112p, PIT
115p, OAK
120of, NYM
Card #PlayerPos/Team
125of, BAL
128of, CIN
129c, CAL
130p, BOS
133of, SFG
135of, STL
139of, MIL
140p, OAK
1413b, MON
143c, NYM
145ss, PHI
149dh, BAL
1501b, LAD
153p, ATL
154ss, CHW
155p, CIN
156of, CLE
1583b, STL
160of, SDP *
163p, MIL
1651b, OAK
167ss, KCR
1693b, NYY
170p, BOS
173c, CHC
174p, LAD
175of, BAL
179of, CIN
180p, CHW *
1811b, SFG
185of, PIT
189of, OAK
190p, NYM
2062b, CHC
2101b, BAL
211p, CIN
212of, CHW
215of, STL
220c, PIT
225of, NYY
226c, TEX
2292b, CAL
2301b, BOS *
233p, BAL
235p, MIN *
2403b, CIN
2452b, NYM
250p, TEX *
251of, CHC
253of, LAD
255p, CLE
257p, BAL
260p, KCR
265of, SDP
Card #PlayerPos/Team
2701b, PIT *
271p, PHI
273p, HOU
274of, OAK
2793b, TEX
280p, LAD
281of, ATL
285p, BAL
288p, MIN
290c, STL *
2952b, PHI
296p, NYY
300c, CIN *
305p, LAD
307of, BAL
3093b, CHW
310p, SDP
3112b, KCR
3141b, NYM
316ss, MIL *
317p, PIT
318c, PHI
319p, NYY
320dh, DET
321of, HOU
324p, CLE
3251b, CIN *
330p, CAL *
3352b, BAL
337ss, NYM
340of, BOS *
3411b, NYY *+
3422b, STL *+
3433b, PIT *+
345of, NYY *+
347of, BOS *+
348c, DET *
350p, BOS *+
351c, SDP
352p, PIT
355p, PHI *
357p, HOU
3583b, CLE
359p, CHC
360of, TEX
365c, BOS *
368p, CHW
3692b, KCR
3703b, LAD
3751b, STL
3771b, MIL
378p, CHC
380of, NYY
385p, DET
Card #PlayerPos/Team
395of, ATL
396p, BOS
4002b, MIN *
401p, PIT
4023b, MIL
405p, OAK *
406c, NYY
409p, DET
410of, ATL
411p, CAL
412ss, TEX
415of, KCR
416p, LAD
4202b, CIN *
422of, SDP
431p, PHI
435p, ATL *
4383b, BAL
439p, LAD
4401b, KCR
441c, MON *
444p, CIN
4453b, BOS
450p, BAL *
453of, NYY
4551b, PHI
456p, DET
459p, CAL
460of, HOU
463p, TEX
465p, LAD
467p, MON
470of, SFG
473of, BAL
475of, OAK
477mgr, CLE *
478p, STL
4803b, PHI *
4851b, TEX
488p, CHW
490p, CAL
492p, KCR
4951b, MON
500of, OAK *
502c, PHI
505ss, BAL
510of, KCR
512c, CAL
5201b, SDP *
521p, MIL
525dh, OAK *
528p, PIT
530p, LAD *
5352b, KCR
Card #PlayerPos/Team
540c, DET
5421b, STL
543p, PHI
545p, NYY
548of, LAD
550dh, MIL *
554c, OAK
558of, ATL
559p, TEX
5602b, CHW
565p, PHI
570of, CLE
573p, MIL
574ss, STL
575of, BOS
580ss, OAK
581mgr, STL *
5832b, HOU
5853b, NYM *
587ss, TEX
589p, BAL
590of, CHW
590of, MON
5922b, PIT
595p, CAL
596ss, PIT
597p, BOS
599p, NYY
599p, CIN
600p, NYM *
605p, LAD
610of, PHI
617p, CHC
620of, PIT
6242b, PHI
625p, HOU
6292b, NYY
630ss, SFG
633c, NYM
6353b, TEX
637of, CAL
638p, BAL
6403b, CHC
641of, ATL
645c, MIL
650c, NYY
651p, ATL
653p, OAK
657ss, TEX
659of, DET
6602b, LAD

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