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Can you name the past, present and future All-Stars that appeared in the 1969 Topps Baseball Card set?

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Positions and teams listed are as shown on the 1969 Topps cards - NOT necessarily their primary position OR team for their career. * = Hall of Fame. In some instances, multiple All-Stars appeared on the same card (Rookie Cards).
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Card #PlayerPos/Team
151b, BAL
17p, SEA
201b, CHC *
21p, BOS
25of, NYY
26p, CIN
30of, MIN
31of, NYM
32p, CAL
34p, CHW
352b, HOU *
38ss, SDP
42of, SEA
43p, CHC
453b, MON
46p, NYY
50of, PIT *
51p, PHI
522b, BOS
55c, NYM
61of, CLE
63of, CHC
64p, SFG
65of, LAD
67p, MON
68c, OAK
702b, CIN
75ss, CHW *
79p, ATL
801b, DET
821b, PIT
85of, STL *
86p, BAL
90p, NYM
91mgr, CLE
92p, MON
94p, LAD
95c, CIN *
96p, HOU
98p, SDP
99of, MIN
100of, ATL *
1023b, SFG
104p, PIT
105of, OAK
1082b, PHI
109p, BOS
113of, BAL
118p, CLE
120of, CIN
Card #PlayerPos/Team
122of, LAD
123p, CHW
124mgr, OAK
129p, SDP
130of, BOS *
131c, PIT
133of, PHI
135of, SEA
1402b/3b, LAD
1453b, CLE
146p, MIN
147mgr, CHC *
150p, DET
153ss, WAS
160of, STL
170of, WAS
1712b, CHC
174p, PHI
175p, PIT *
176c, CLE
177p, ATL
180of, DET
182mgr, CAL
186c, HOU
187of, CIN
188p, PHI
190of, SFG *
191p, NYY
195p, OAK
200p, STL *
202p, HOU
2032b, BAL
206of, PHI
207p, DET
2102b, ATL
212ss/of, NYY
215ss, BOS
216p, LAD *
218c, MIN
219ss, PIT
220p, CLE
222c, CHW
225ss, CHC
2301b, MON
231p, DET
233p, SEA
235p, OAK *
236of, MON
2401b/of, BOS
241p, LAD
Card #PlayerPos/Team
244c, CLE
246p, WAS
250of, BAL *
255p, STL *
260of, OAK *
265ss, MIN
270p, DET
275of, CAL
280of, CIN
2832b, CHW
2851b, SEA
286p, PIT
288p, CHC
290p, MIN
292p, NYY
293c, SFG
294mgr, WAS
2953b, CIN *
296p, CAL
299ss, BAL
300of, ATL
304of, SDP
3052b, DET
306p, MON
310c, LAD
311p, BOS
315p, CAL
328p, CHW
330of, BOS
3352b, PIT *
340p, BAL
347c, CHC
348p, CLE
350of, PHI
355p, ATL *
360of, HOU
362p, CIN
364of, NYM
365ss, CAL
369mgr, PHI
370p, SFG *
3713b, OAK
3753b/1b, MIN *
377p, SEA
3793b/1b, LAD
3811b, NYM
3851b, ATL *
386p, CAL
390c, DET
391p, BOS
Card #PlayerPos/Team
394of, SEA
395p, PHI
398of/1b, ATL
400p, LAD *
4051b, CIN
4081b, SDP
410of, DET *
411p, HOU
436ss, PIT
439c, CHW
4401b, SFG *
4433b, DET
4452b, CAL
446p, ATL
450of, CHC *
4513b, SEA
453p, BAL
454ss, PHI
455p, CLE
456ss, NYM
4601b/c, STL *
462mgr, STL *
465p, CHW
470p, NYY
475c, STL
476p, BOS
476c, BOS
478of, BAL
479of, CLE
480p, NYM *
4813b, CHW
484mgr, KCR *
485p, SFG *
486c, WAS
487ss/2b, HOU
490of, PIT
494of, CHW
495ss, OAK
4972b, STL
498p, BOS
5001b, NYY *
506of, BAL
5072b, PHI
509c, PIT
5102b, MIN *
512of, NYM
513p, WAS
517p, SFG
520p, PIT
522p, STL
Card #PlayerPos/Team
527mgr, CHW *
528p, LAD
531p, PHI
533p, NYM *
535p, CHC
540of, STL
545of, PIT *
547mgr, MIN
5503b, BAL *
555of, SFG
558p, KCR
560p, CLE
562c/of, HOU
563p, SEA
564mgr, NYM
565p, CAL *
566ss/3b, CHW
5703b, CHC *
573p, BAL *
5743b/1b, BOS
575p, LAD
5771b/of, SEA
5792b, CLE
581p, CIN
583p, CAL
587of, OAK
5881b, STL
5891b, NYY
590of, ATL
597p, OAK *
600of, MIN
601p, NYM
605p, CLE
616p, DET
619of, KCR
620p, MIN
630of, SFG
633mgr, HOU
634c, BAL
640p, CHC *
642p, DET
644if/of, CLE
650mgr, WAS *
654of, CHW
6573b, NYY
659p, SDP
660of, BOS
661p, CIN
663p, DET
6642b, SFG

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