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Can you name the past and present All-Stars that appeared in the 2012 Topps Baseball Card set?

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Positions and teams listed are as shown on the 2012 Topps cards - NOT necessarily their primary position OR team for their career.
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Card #PlayerPos/Team
1of, MIL
2p, OAK
7of, NYY *
10p, BOS
11p, LAD
12c, WAS
13of, LAA
15of, KCR
17of, CHW
19of, CIN
20p, ATL
22p, BAL
27c, MIA
283b, PHI
29p, WAS
30ss, NYY *
351b, KCR
37c, TEX
41c, CIN
42p, COL
44p, STL
48p, TBR
501b, BOS
51ss, KCR
54ss, DET
55dh, TEX
56c, CHC
58p, ATL
60ss, MIA
67p, KCR
69ss, LAD
74p, PIT
75p, WAS
78ss, LAA
80p, TBR
81p, MIN
85of, ATL
86p, TOR
89p, CIN
96of, CLE
98of, PHI
100of, TOR
103p, SFG
1051b, CHW
106of, LAA
1101b, NYY
116c, CHW
117c, PHI
120of, PHI
122p, LAD
125of, BAL
126ss, NYY
129p, TBR
130ss, CLE
131ss, WAS
135p, CIN
1383b, PIT
140ss, COL
1411b, SFG
142p, CIN
Card #PlayerPos/Team
144of, CHC
145dh, KCR
146of, MIL
1472b, SDP
149p, CHW
150p, PHI *
1511b, BAL
152p, LAD
153p, HOU
1543b, COL
155p, SFG
1603b, BOS
162p, DET
1632b, NYM
164p, MIN
170of, BOS
171p, TEX
174c, STL
178p, MIA
180p, NYY *
182of, CLE
1853b, SFG
1872b, HOU
188of, LAA
190p, PHI
1952b, TBR
196of, TBR
199dh, CHW
2001b, DET
205p, CLE
206p, NYY
209p, NYY
210p, MIL
211p, KCR
212p, BOS
213c, DET
2151b, ATL
2162b, CLE
220of, CIN
223p, ARZ
225p, SEA
227p, TEX
2301b, MIN
231of, COL
237c, NYY
2403b, NYM
247p, BOS
250p, LAA
251of, NYM
252p, NYY
2553b, CIN
260p, SFG
263p, SEA
265p, CIN
269p, SEA
270ss, CHC
2733b, STL
279p, NYM
2801b, PHI
288c, ARZ
Card #PlayerPos/Team
290of, NYY
295of, WAS
2991b, TEX
300of, TEX
301p, TEX
3053b, ATL *
306p, CLE
309c, OAK
3103b, TEX
313p, NYY
320of, STL
323p, NYM
328p, BOS
330of, LAD
3311b, LAA
332ss, MIA
3341b, CHC
337p, MIN
341dh, TOR
342of, CHW
343c, KCR
344of, TEX
345p, PHI
348of, CHC
349p, SFG
3503b, TBR
351of, MIL
352p, ATL
355p, MIA
3612b, PHI
3653b, MIL
368of, BOS
369p, SDP
3711b, PHI *
373of, COL
376of, SDP
3773b, DET
378p, SEA
379p, SFG
3801b, NYM
383of, LAD
3863b, WAS
387p, KCR
392p, PHI
393dh, OAK
394of, CHC
395c, MIL
396of, OAK
398c, SFG
399c, ATL
4002b, NYY
401p, LAD
402of, STL
403p, CIN
407of, LAA
408p, ATL
409p, KCR
410p, PIT
414p, SFG
415ss, STL
Card #PlayerPos/Team
4161b, COL
4171b, TBR
420p, SFG
421p, MIA
424dh, BAL *
425p, MIA
429of, ATL
430p, SEA
433of, PIT
436p, CLE
439ss, TEX
446of, LAA
447p, ATL
449of, PHI
450of, ARZ
454of, COL
455ss, HOU
4562b, MIA
457of, HOU
461dh, DET
463p, TOR
4661b, STL
468of, BAL
4702b, LAA
471p, TBR
473p, PIT
476c, COL
477p, SDP
479p, NYM
480p, ARZ
481p, TEX
482p, LAD
483of, KCR
484p, SEA
485p, CHC
488of, NYY
490p, STL
4922b, MIL
495p, STL
497of, PIT
4981b, CIN
499p, MIL
5003b, NYY
501p, MIN
503p, WAS
504p, CHC
506dh, BOS *
5082b, CIN
511p, LAA
5131b, MIA
5142b, BAL
516p, PIT
517p, MIN
518p, CHW
519p, WAS
523p, BAL
524of, ATL
5272b, ARZ
531p, PIT
535c, MIN
Card #PlayerPos/Team
537of, SEA
539p, BOS
5402b, BOS
542p, CHC
543p, MIA
545p, MIL
546p, CHW
5471b, COL
5502b, TEX
554of, NYY
556p, WAS
557ss, CIN
558p, ARZ
560p, HOU
5612b, SFG
562p, TOR
564p, DET
5652b, ATL
567of, MIA
568c, HOU
571ss, BAL
574p, CHC
582of, CLE
589ss, MIL
592of, HOU
593ss, COL
594p, TOR
596p, NYY
599p, BAL
600p, LAD
601p, LAA
605ss, SDP
607p, NYY
6081b, ARZ
609of, KCR
611p, TEX
612of, STL
613p, LAA
614of, NYY
617ss, PHI
626ss, CHW
6271b, SEA
632p, TEX
634p, PHI
635of, NYY
637p, SDP
638p, CLE
639p, DET
6423b, KCR
643of, ARZ
6453b, SEA
648p, BOS
649ss, SFG
6501b, DET
652p, OAK
653p, LAA
654p, MIL
656c, CLE
660p, TEX
661of, WAS

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