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Title character
Jerry's best friend
Jerry's next-door neighbor
Jerry's friend/ex-girlfriend
Jerry's nemesis
Jerry's mother
Jerry's father
Jerry's uncle
Jerry's cousin, works for the parks department
Jerry's grandmother
Jerry's cousin, picky about how his last name is pronounced
George's mother
George's father
George's fiancee
George's fiancee's parents
Elaine's Arby's-loving boyfriend
Elaine's father
Kramer's mother
Unseen friend of Kramer's, had botched hernia operation
Kramer's little-person friend
Elaine's boss, owns clothing catalog
New York Yankees' owner
George's supervisor at the Yankees
Elaine's boss at Pendant Publishing/steals her muffin-top idea
Elaine's boss, picky about his socks
Comedian obsessed with Ovaltine, looks up to Jerry
Attacks Kramer for not inviting him to his party
President of NBC, obessed with Elaine
Kramer's go-to lawyer
Jerry's dentist, converted to Judaism for the jokes
Denies customers soup for misbehaving or incorrectly ordering
Jerry's girlfriend whose name rhymes with part of the female anatomy
George's boss, usually not too worried about anything
Has a compromised immune system, loves trivial pursuit
George's childhood friend and rival, spends time in a mental institution
Pakistani restauranteur
Conductor of the Policeman's Benevolent Association Orchestra
Jerry's girlfriend, professional closet organizer
Obessed with physical fitness, frequently exclaims 'It's go time!'
Broke up with Elaine over a box of Jujyfruits, loves his Malaysian eyeglasses
Jerry and friends give him a big screen TV for a wedding gift
Jerry and friends give her a big screen TV for a wedding gift
The braless Oh! Henry candy bar heiress
Jerry's supermodel girlfriend, broke up with him over seeing him (apparently) picking his nose
Gives Jerry hockey tickets, likes to be thanked
George's fiancee's college roommate, performs 'Jerry Seinfeld is the Devil'
Chairman of the foundation for George's fiancee
Hosts parties and assigns chores to guests
Kramer's girl friend, designer of the puffy shirt
Wages a wishing war with Kramer
George thinks he looks like Sugar Ray Leonard
George watches Breakfast at Tiffany's with this father and daughter
They steal Elaine's armoire from Kramer
Library cop
Accuses Jerry of being a phony, argues with George over a parking spot
Bet with Kramer on departures and arrivals
Short-tempered thrift store clerk, works to help the homeless
Cashier at Monk's
Del Boca Vista resident who has a grudge against Jerry's father
Worked on Jerry's pilot at NBC, George spelled his last name
Kramer meets him in the health club and thinks he is Salman Rushdie
Gave George the news of his fiancee's death and his atrophied condition
Jerry steals her marble rye
Jerry's girlfriend, made out during Schindler's List, sees George's shrinkage
Waitress-actress who dated Kramer, Elaine's original roommate
Gives George an atomic wedgie
Fakes that he had cancer
George interviews with him to be a bra salesman, he asks out George's mother
George pretends to be this mans friend to prove he is not racist
Jerry volunteers to spend time with this senior citizen
George volunteers to spend time with this senior citizen
Kramer's friend, herbalist and holistic healer
Seated next to Elaine on a flight, Elaine refers to him by his meal selection
Buys Elaine a matress from The Lumbar Yard
Jerry's girlfriend, like people to think shes chinese
Marathon runner who overslept at the olympics
Coaches Kramer on his golf game and in his court case
Jerry's friend known for running into the woods when he is upset
Proctologist whose vanity plates get mixed up with Kramer's
Elaine's boyfriend with the same name as a serial killer
Furniture designer who Elaine wishes would design shoes
Spokemans and commercial mascot for an electronics store, 'Nobody Beats Him'
Jerry's fiancee
Catalog mailroom employee who Elaine promotes instead of firing
Elaine's boyfriend, likes spending time with Jerry's parents
Elaine gives this person some tic tacs so she can hear him
Jerry's girlfriend, has unusually large hands
The judge at Jerry and friends trial
Annoying employee at Jerry's former health club who tries to befriend Jerry
George gets him fired and loses his cat
Works at Elaine's boss's apartment, plays mind games with Jerry
He freaks Jerry out at one of his sets
Bizarro Jerry
Bizarro George
Bizarro Kramer
Bizarro Newman
Constantly refers to himself in the third person
Jerry's friend, calls Jerry over in the first Monk's scene
Unseen friend of Kramer's, Kramer purchases his hottub from him
Jerry's mechanic who steals his car
Barber who gives Jerry a bad haircut
Barber who tries to fix Jerry's bad haircut
Parks cars in front of Jerry's
Pees on Jerry's new sofa
Pretends to be Jerry's wife to get a discount on dry cleaning
Jerry waits out her marriage so he can 'be there for her'
Elaine waits out his marriage so she can 'be there for him'
Jerry's assistant that bothers Jerry with every little detail
Jerry keeps offending this friend of Elaine's who is a Native American
Jerry doesn't know if her breasts are real
Homeless man who steals Kramer's rickshaw
Elaine continuously ruins her life, Kramer urges her to rejoin the military
Constantly insists that Jerry and friends should come to see her babies
Chinese food delivery boy
He cleans Jerry's apartment and steals George's statue
Girlfriend of the guy who steals George's statue, Elaine is editing her manuscript
Owner/cook of Monk's
George's finacee's one time girlfriend who falls in love with Kramer
Jerry's neighbor, Kramer kills his pet parrot
Kramer's intern for Kramerica Industries
Jerry's building superintendent, tries to evict Newman
Jerry's dentist friend, gives notes for them to get free treatment
George's male masseur
Tennis pro who is terrible at tennis
Jerry's girlfriend who Kramer falls in love with
Kramer's friend who pirates movies
Played herself playing Murphy Brown
George gives him an idea for a case for L.A. Law
Animal expert who visits Kramer's Merv Griffin Show
Campaigns for mayor with a platform to crack down on false non-fat yogurt
Jerry wears the puffy shirt while being interviewed by this man
Kramer claims this man spit on him
He interviews Jerry on The Tonight Show
George knocks out this person when playing softball
Kramer promises a boy that this person will hit two homeruns for him
Kramer promotes his coffee table book on TV with these two people
Jerry and friends' trial is featured on his show
This man takes Jerry's Gyro and sits across from Elaine on the subway
Kramer nervously tries to pitch his script to this star
She had a major crush on George when he was engaged
He sings at an AMCA fundraiser where Kramer is mistaken as mentally challenged
This man bites Kramer's arm, George thinks he bought his old car
Kramer has to fire her, she gets in a cat fight with Elaine
George suggests they change the setting of Cheers while talking to him
During his temporary brilliance he teaches the physics of hitting to these players
Kramer pitchs his beach perfume to him, he hires Kramer as an underwear model
This man causes Elaine to lose 'the contest'
This man double parks in front of George and Kramer
Offers George a baseball player to play for the Yankees
He is spotted dunking his donuts

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